WTF, I’m sick again.  At this rate it’ll be next season before any solid, consistent training happens. Right now it’s allergies.  Lots of post nasal drip (Mmmmm tast e), freaking headache from hell and everytime I go outside it looks like I’m crying my eyes water so much.   There is a brown haze over Tucson due to the winds blowing so much dust around.  Move to AZ to get away from allergies?  HA, just stay where you are. Really, please. Unfortunately when the windy season ends, the warm season begins.  Hello 105+F temps! Yeah (lots of sarcasm). 

My Dad is coming in for a few days , so that should be enjoyable, he’s pretty self sufficient which is good.  I run a self sufficient house.  You want to eat? There is the kitchen.  See the fridge? Be the fridge.  Looking forward to hanging out with the old man for a few days. Maybe even do some grilling in the backyard with some friends one non-windy evening this weekend.

Here is a cool video of a crit, best 1:25 of video watching you’ll do today.  You see the wreck, you avoid the wreck, then the wreck finds you.  Cool stuff.  Reminds me why I stopped racing crits.  Although the only crash I ever participated in was a “I crashed while off the front all by myself by :20 with 600m to go crash”.  Talk about embarrassing.


Enjoy the video.

2 Responses to “Sick…again.”

  1. WTF? what a stupid crash.

    • brianestover Says:

      Smartass! Yeah, it was pretty stupid, freaking front wheel just washed out. So much for that paycheck and those upgrade points.

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