It snowed in Tucson the other day. Not really in Tucson but on Mt. Lemmon. I wonder how far down the snow line is? Tomorrow seems like a nice day to ride up and find out. Hopefully it won’t be like last year where we kept climbing, it kept getting colder and we kept climbing. After 21 miles of climbing, with numb fingers I realized it was 25F and we had to descend. No gloves, no leg warmers and no vest, which really means I started the ride with no brains working. Hopefully tomorrow won’t require 20 miles of climbing to hit the snow line. I’m not sure my legs will be too happy with me. Here is a pic of last January’s climb right before the descent.

about to freeze on the descent

6 Responses to “Snow”

  1. WTF! This post proves that even idiots can be triathlon coaches. 😉 I plan on riding tomorrow at about 40* and I plan on wearing everything in my closet.

  2. Who’s the weather pansy in pink?

  3. It’s funny how you say you started the ride with no brains like that is not the norm. From the moment in the day you decide to ride till the moment the ride is over you are a complete idiot! And unfortunately I have been witness far too many times to this phenomenon.

  4. Awww that was a fun day. Bubbles was so far behind me 🙂

    Have a good ride tomorrow. I’ll think of you as I’m stuck indoors.

  5. My brain must have been working…I had leg warmers, arm warmers, vest, skull cap, gloves…and was quite toasty on the way down. I was busy putting them on and thats why I didn’t make it to the photo op. : )

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