Breaking or Broken

I’m going with broken, at least me that is.  For the third time this year I find myself sick and unable to train.   I feel like it’s the never ending treadmill to fitness hell or lack of fitness heaven.

I see my run fitness declining faster then Lagat can run a 5k.  My bike fitness is disappearing faster then Casper in a tornado.  The only thing on an upswing, besides my drug consumption, is my swimming.  Amazing what 8k per week will do vs 10k per month.

So I’m dragging my tired, clogged nose, headache, sore throat self back to the couch to watch another movie while I redo my season’s training plan…again.

5 Responses to “Breaking or Broken”

  1. i heard competitive macrame is an up and coming sport. There’s that or try to break 22 in the 50 free.

  2. brianestover Says:

    Lol. I think I’m going to look at nursing homes for a bit.

  3. Pottery is supposed to be nice too.

  4. Mr. Bubble Says:

    You should have kept the Xbox!!!!!

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