Back into it

Almost done with my course of antibiotics.  Strung a week+ of decent training together.  Got in just over 2hr on Thursday,  5:15 Friday, 4 hours Saturday.  Lots of riding, some swimming and some running.  Lots of frequency but not a ton of volume running.  Even raced today which went fairly well.  Run was a bit slow, but across the board run times were slow.  Probably had a bit to do with the heat and humidty. It was the first time I can ever remember unzipping my race top all the way on the run.  The swim went well.  It seems the 21,400 yards in the pool last month paid off.  Solid swim, didn’t lose too much time over the 750m LC pool swim. Crappy T1 as usual, fumbled with my helmet strap/buckle and according to my power file it only took me 400 feet to get in my shoes once I hopped on the bike.  Seriously, what the hell was I doing for 133 yards?  Solid ride, avg 25.9mph (250/261 AP/NP)  for the bike including putting on and taking off my shoes.  Almost fell over in T2 putting on my running shoes.  Ended up 2nd Overall so I’m not complaining too much.  About :45 down on first, he out ran me by over 1 min and about :30 up on 3rd.  I think I now officially hold the record for leading a Tucson Tri series race off the bike but not winning the race.  Over the last few years, I’ve finished 2nd overall 5 times, 3rd overall 3 times, at least 4 of those times I’ve left T2 in the overall lead.  I need to run faster. Probably swimming a bit faster and not being so slow in T1 wouldn’t hurt either. But it really comes down to running faster. Oh well, next weekend in NC I’ll take another crack at racing.  Hopefully I can move up the podium 1 position.   Congratulations to Billy Oliver, one of the guys I’ve been coaching for a few years,  finishing 6th overall and winning his AG.  On his 21st anniversary to boot!    Results here, bike includes both transitions: Male

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