Good Things..Cubed!

The good stuff keeps happening for Accelerate 3 athletes. Jenny and James finished in the top 3 overall for the Inside Out Sports NC Triathlon Series. Jenny took the top honors for the females for the second straight year. The last time she lost a race in this series was 2010. Her streak now stands at 10 races spanning two years. I stole this pic from the I.C.E. Racing blog of which she is a team member.


James finished 3rd Overall in the series for the men. He won three of the races in the series. He also had a couple more podium finishes. With his recent fourth win and his first major elite race out of the way, he is looking towards moving up in the elite ranks.

The top step

Nick and Jenny were interviewed recently. Jenny by the Charlotte Observer while Nick was interviewed by Beyond Going Long.

It’s always nice seeing your athletes get interviewed.

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