HUGE at Nola 70.3

James ripped it up at the Nola 70.3 duathlon today. He set a huge PR on the run, by about 9 minutes, to take 5th in his age group and crossed the line as the 10th age grouper overall.

His training seems to be paying off and he has moved up a notch or two on the getting faster ladder. I suspect a few of his rivals in the regional racing scene sat up and said “Oh shit” after seeing his splits. A solid ride in blustery conditions and a stellar run to cap it off. Not a bad day at all.

I think a lot more people will be seeing this side of his kit then in years past.

The behind view

One Response to “HUGE at Nola 70.3”

  1. NOLA 70.3 2010 – 1:32:17 (PR)
    NOLA 68.1 2011 – 1:21:32

    ~11 minute PR haha

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