Free Speed

Here is a good article on taking care of the details in order to go faster on the bike.

1 poor bottle choice, but clean lines for racing otherwise

There was a section in this article that reminded me of the guy I saw at last weekend’s Desert Classic Duathlon, in fact I see people like this at every race. He was riding a Cervelo P2. Frame bottle, behind the seat bottle, a couple of co2’s hanging off the rear behind the seat water bottle carrier as well. Making matters worse was his vertical between the bars bottle placement with it’s very tall straw. I bet he wondered why everyone was passing him and his no longer aero aero bike.

Read the article, think about your bike in racing mode. Can you clean it up any? You do all this training to go 10-15 watts faster. You can gain that by paying attention to details.

One Response to “Free Speed”

  1. Shhhh, don’t tell everyone the secrets…then I will have to train harder!

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