I’m chatting with my Mom. Typically when she calls I always think my Granddad died unless it’s on the weekend. Morbid but true. While I’m chatting with Mom I grab the 3 wood out of the golf bag. Finding myself in the yard I start chipping a tennis ball against the back wall of the yard. Kind of a one quarter to half swing while holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder thing. My grass is sort of high so it acts as a nice tee. I finally hang up with Mom, drop the phone, tee up a tennis ball up somewhat high, and take a full swing. I think it might have been ok….if I hadn’t added a bit of an upward arc heading toward the ball.

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I did this. The f*cking tennis rockets off the club face, easily clears my five and a half foot tall wall, cleanly clears the neighbor’s 50+ foot tall tree in the yard behind me and disappears from sight still climbing. My first thought is oh shit. Second thought is WOW! did you see that ball take off and clear the tree! My third thought is whoops, that wasn’t supposed to happen. My next thought is I’ve just broke someone’s window, dented their car, or killed the old lady out walking. It’s rather obvious my best bet is to put the 3 wood back into the bag, grab my phone and mosey into the house before anyone figures I launched the tennis ball that just killed their dog. Poor fido.

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