Round 1 – Finally Done!

Swam in the last suit today for round 1.  Round 2 begins tomorrow.  Really fast suit, really fast times.  I should have swam faster or managed my time better today since I’m out of time to write right now.

I’m going list the suits alphabetically and the times from the fastest swam to the slowest swam.


Suits swam:


Blue 70







The times:

4:25   4:27   4:29   4:29   4:30   4:30   4:31   4:31   4:32   4:32   4:32   4:34   4:32   4:35   4:40   


That’s 8 suits tested but one of the above suits was removed due to it being way to big.  I included the suit and it’s time in the list.

One suit didn’t arrive at in time to get tested, hopefully I’ll test that suit early in 2009 and retest the ill-fitting suit again.

Round two begins tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Round 1 – Finally Done!”

  1. 4:25 for the fastest??? did you stop on the way to chat to the lifeguard or are those kick with a board?? i m comfuse?? 😉

    • brianestover Says:

      LOL. That particular one was a one arm scull drill with my legs in a band to eliminate any possible kick.

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