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A Fast Weekend

Posted in Triathlon with tags , , , , , , on September 13, 2011 by brianestover

At the Best of the US triathlon, James went seeking redemption from his USAT Nationals race. Miraculously the water temp dropped about 6 degrees overnight, making the swim wet suit legal. James said f*ck it, I’m going with the swim skin. Mainly because he left his wet suit at home. Gun goes off, and one non neoprene dude along with a bunch of wet suit clad guys hop in the water. James ends up pulling the lead group around the course exiting the water in third place overall. He finishes the race in 5th overall with a solid showing all around. I’m pretty happy with his progression this year. There hasn’t been a lot of fancy workouts. Just doing the work day in and day out. His results show what happens when you step up to the plate and make that sort of commitment.

Billy headed out west to sunny CA to race the SuperFrog half triathlon. He grabbed 2nd in his age group and was 27th overall.

Billy cornering at Super Frog half triathlon

I went up to LV and hung out with Sarah, Dusty and his girlfriend Ashley. We watched the LV 70.3 WC’s. All in all watching a triathlon is 100x more boring then participating in one. We also managed to turn $1000 in $2350 in under 25 minutes at the blackjack table. That’s a better ROI then some of the triathletes made by grabbing a podium in the elite race. It’s a World Championship, these are the top triathletes in the world and they are racing for peanuts. It’s a shame that the WC race doesn’t have a WC prize purse.

IM Florida

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It’s barely over and already people are whining about drafting.  Look folks, drafting happens, it’s an accepted practice at all the big IM events. Some people will get dinged sure, but lets face it, those races are semi ITU races for many of the age groupers.

So what should you do if you see a big group?  Catch it or let it catch you.  Thats right, get with the group. Then sit the legal 3 bike lengths distance behind it. I have several power files showing drops of 10-40 watts with .5-2.0 mph increases in speed.  You want to race smart, thats smart racing.  Let some other schmuck do all the work.  Sit back, have a coke, eat a gel and laugh your ass off at everyone else.

You want to go to Kona? Then don’t be a hero trying to break away from the pack.  Ride 3 lengths behind, save your watts for the run and ride way faster then you would have by yourself.  Then, get off the bike and run people down. Accept your Kona slot and be the happiest, smartest racer on the podium.

But I can hear the screaming now.  This violates the spirit of triathlon blah blah and on and on.  Spirit?  Really? When you have 100 people per minute getting out of the water? Thats more then 1 per second.  How the heck are you going to fit that onto a bike course legally?  The spirit of the rule was violated when the race got that big. The RDs and WTC are the biggest hypocrites about it.  NO drafting. 2400 entries. NO drafting. 2400 entries.

Race smart within the rules.