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The Start of Summer

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It’s Memorial Day weekend. The official start of summer for you non desert dwellers. This usually marks the end of the first month of summer for us. But this year, we are still waiting on our first 100 degree day. Not that I’m complaining. If we have to wait until next year for a 100+ day, no worries Mother nature, keep us waiting. I’m good with that.

It’s also the kick off of a few weeks of racing. Monday is the Sahuarita Triathlon. I’m hoping to improve upon my 6th or 7th place finish from last year. But realistically, I’ll probably finish in 6th or 7th place again this year. The following Saturday is the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival. It’s an awesome weekend of racing up in the mountains of AZ. There is an olympic distance and half ironman on Saturday, then an Xterra triathlon on Sunday. You could get two days of racing in if you had a mountain bike. Plus it has one of the best product raffles of any race anywhere in the world. I’ve seen people win Kuota bike frames, Mavic wheel sets, 2XU wet suits, Zipp wheels and a ton of other stuff. Good times for sure if you win something bad ass like a set of 808’s!

Speaking of mountain bikes, I’m off to to order my Scott Spark 20 mountain bike this afternoon. Best of all it comes in black. You can’t go wrong with a black bike. You’ll be seeing this at a mountain bike race near you next year. Most likely on the ground with a rider tangled up in it. You’ll probably have to look behind you to get a good view of it, unless you happen to be lapping me when I crash. If so please don’t run over me. Please.

Who knew you could special order a mountain bike from I did. And now you do as well.

Nothing else exciting is planned, other then taking my favorite 12yr old out to dinner and to see Shrek in 3D. I hope I don’t cry. It’s embarrassing to cry in front of a 12 year old girl. Not that I would know that. I hope she doesn’t cry either. What do you say to a 12 year old crying over an ogre? It was a lot easier when she was 5 years old and crying. Then a hug could fix anything.

Kicking Ass….again

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It was a good weekend for Accelerate 3 athletes. 3 races in 3 states with 3 podiums. Once again proving that good things come in 3’s.

Kerry raced the Florida 70.3. What does she do this past week? She gets a new bike. Then proceeds to ride to the 4th fastest bike split in her AG, which I might mention is her longest ride on that bike. Not content with that, she throws down the fastest run in her AG, the second best overall female AG run split and the 13th fastest female run of the day. Not to shabby for her second ride on the new bike. I’ll post her power numbers as soon as I get them.

I raced the Tempe International Triathlon today. It was awesome to see a lot of my teammates out racing and placing in their age group or overall. After swimming a bit off course, I ended up 7th Overall and won the M35-39 AG. I started the bike and my legs were flat. The watts were low and I was riding like a pussy. It took getting passed, only for a bit, for me to snap out of it. I rode the second 20k loop 1.5 minutes faster and just over 20 watts higher then the first loop. I ran roughly the same time as last year, but the run was about .4 longer this year. I’m exiting the water here. Thankfully, other then the guy right behind me, I still had a decent gap on the rest of my AG field with only one guy out in front of me. AP/NP 238/251

Rich used the fastest run split of the day to leapfrog from 5th after the bike to 2nd OV at the Peachtree International Triathlon. Midway through the bike people started launching attacks. Rich just rides smart, in control, letting everyone chase each other down. Exiting T2 he put the wood to them, making some people rather unhappy as they tumbled down the results sheet. AP/NP 273/280


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It’s been a long week.  Last Thursday evening, I packed and loaded up the car to go race.  Dropped the dogs off for the weekend at a friend’s and headed up to Show Low, AZ for the Dueceman Triathlon.  Since my training had gone in the opposite direction of good over the last few months, I opted for the olympic distance race.  There is a nice little race series from the folks at Genuine Innovations, The Genuine Innovations Triple Crown.    Genuine Innovations probably made your Co2 cannister and inflator. It involves three races, the Tempe Intervational Triathlon, Sahuarita Triathlon and the Dueceman olympic race.   I ended up with a comfortable 2:15+ min lead over the next person.  Should be in the bag. The guy in second place beat me my :14 at the Sahaurita triathlon, mainly my fault, and I had a rather comfy almost 3 min on him at the Tempe race.

The crew does a great job on this race.  Friday they were busting ass, setting everything up.  I helped a bit here and there, placeing mile markers and marking the run course.  Unfortunately the pizza place didn’t do such a good job on the pizza.  Trisports brought 14 or so people up to help put on this event.  About 50% of them got food poisoning.  Sarah was the first to go down.  Since I was staying in the condo with her and Kim, I got to listen to her puke all night instead of sleeping. No worries though, being an insomniac has trained me to operate on 1.5 hour of sleep.  The alarm goes off at 6:18am, I roll off the living room floor where I was attempting to get some sleep.  Made a very strong cup of tea, ate a bit and watch some tv.  About 7:15, hopped on the bike and rode 4 miles to transition.  Everything felt good, power numbers were higher then ever on the steep hill climbing out of the condo.  Of course I had limtied data on this hill since I’ve ridden it a grand total of 3x prior to this morning. Roll into transition, get numbered, put on wettie and head down to warm up.  The warmup felt ok, not great.  

Gun goes off, Geoff moves into the lead, quickly, I slot in second position with several people on my feet.  Urmas goes by, and since he is a former national level swimmer I hop on his feet.  For about :02. Then another dude goes by and I get another :02 of draft.  Round the first bouy and a group goes by.  I jump on their feet.  I can’t make it stick.  No get up and definately no go.  Get dropped, I’m sitting in 8th place and 3 more guys go by.  F*cking great, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this far back in the swim.  Round the far buoy and finally feel ok.  Move back up a few slots and swim a straight line to the dock pulling a few people.

I’ve got nothing coming out of the water, getting up the boat ramp that someone made steeper since the start of the swim was a struggle.  Get rolled in transition by a few people. Finally get onto the bike, roll a few people back.  Move into 4th or 5th place, not really making up anytime on the guys I know I typically outride. Hit 5 miles in low 59min pace, hit 10miles in mid 59 minute place.  I’m rolling fairly well, but it just not there.  Over the next 5 miles it becomes apparent to me, I had 20k in me, nothing more.  I’ve rolled into the top 3-4 and now have started the roll out of the top 3-4.  By 15 miles I was on high 61 min pace and by 20 miles I was sitting up realizing today isn’t my day.  I was getting rolled by people who I typically outride by 1:30…over 20k.  Enter transition in 8th place according to a spectator and about 1:08 on my PT. 9,10 and 11th place are entering transition as I’m leaving for the run.  Pick up one spot quickly, it’s pretty evident to me that I’m doing nothing. Any get up and go I had has gotten up and gone.  I’d already made the decision on the bike to dnf or just jog the run. But within the first :45 of the run, I realized I’d be doing more damage to myself completing then DNF’ing.  Took a right hand turn off the course, walked back to the RV where the trisports race crew was staging out of, grabbed a few cokes and went to get my stuff out of transition.  

After clearing everything out, I worked the mile 7 run station in the half for a few hours handing out Gu.  To make the day worse, hardly anyone wanted a Gu. Even lost $1 betting on who would and wouldn’t take a Gu. After a few hours of this, my hunger got the best of me, the bulk of the half was past my adopted aid station.  Grabbed a bit to eat, then went and helped break down the Dueceman Half transition area in the rain.  Got yelled at by a lady for moving her bike to a different rack.  Seriously, it’s 8+ hr after the start, and the Xterra race the next day still has to be set up. We are down 7-8 people and have a pretty tight timeline to get everything staged for tomorrow’s race.  You’re bike is fine, I dropped the other bike I moved…psych.

We drove back Saturday night. There was no way Sarah could work the Sunday Xterra and since I was awake why not drive home?  Got back to Tucson about 11pm.  Turned around Monday night and went to Phoenix for a 3 day meeting. F*ck me, I’m tired.

Now for the triathletes are slobs rant.  This is the second weekend in a row I’ve broken down a transition area.  We recycled over 30 plastic water and G-ade bottles that people just tossed on the ground. People left gel wrappers, snicker wrappers, towels, a winter coat, fruit, orange peels, banana peels (insert joke) and just about anything else you can bring to a race.  Both weekends it looked like people didn’t know what a trash can was.  There were trash cans and recycling bins all around. You’re mom doesn’t pick up after you in transition, you pick up after you.  It was disgusting how much crap people just littered on the ground.  If I owned the parking lot or area where transtion was I’d tell the RD hell no never again, you guys are f*cking pigs when he asked if I could use it again.  Really it’s not that hard to throw something in the trash, you do it everyday.  Why is race day different?

Races like this are AWESOME!

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The Sahurita Triathlon was yesterday.  Great little race, swim 500m out, make a U turn swim 500m back, 2 loop 16.8mile bike and a 5k run. Sarah had some race wheel issues that morning and we needed to drive to another house to grab some other race wheels for her.  That put me even later then I usually am to the race venue.  No worries though. Racked the bike, got numbered, grabbed the wetsuit and went to the bathroom.  Got on the wetsuit about 5 min before the first wave went off.  This is probably the only time I’ve been glad to be in wave 2.  I was able to get in, swim a bit, then readjust the wetsuit.  Lined up to the left, next to the start buoy.  The crowds seemed to be to the right which was perplexing since the first buoy was right in front of me.  There was no need to angle into it, and the lip of the cove we were in would pinch people who lined up right.  Oh well, part of racing is using your brains, and this was my shining moment of the day!  Later in the race I pull a Homer Simpson moment, DOH. Gun goes off, it’s a drag race to the buoy.  There are two people to my left, several to my right.  I’m breathing every 3 checking it all out.  Slowly three of us emerge leading the charge.  Brandon, on my right and Seton owner of on my left.  Just like last weekend, I couldn’t hold Brandon’s feet and he slowly drifted away as we raced towards the U turn.  Seton and I were swimming stroke for stroke towards the turn.  I apologize to those from wave 1 who I swam over, Mr. Breaststroker was the first victim, about 200m into the swim.  I never saw you when I looked up two strokes prior.  Sorry for using your face to catch the water, it’s provides a much better pulling surface then water does though, it’s weird to feel someone’s nose between your fingers and their goggles in the palm of your hand.  Swam over a few more people before we hit the 500m mark. There was a guy in front of us who made a 270 degree turn instead of the required 180 and headed back into Seton as we rounded the buoy.  This caused Seton to head into me as he sounded the collision alarm. After the turn, I figured since he isn’t swimming faster then me and I’m not swimming faster then him, I’m sitting on his feet. Near the end of the swim I sensed Seton slowing a bit, looked up and saw Brandon just ahead.  Pulled to  the side of Seton and headed for Brandon’s feet.  I typically outride Brandon and he typically outruns me. I can think of 6 or 7 races where we finished next to each other in the standings, about 50/50 him in front of me.  In my mind, coming out of the water on his feet was better then coming out of the water :05 down.  The three of us exited as one and charged towards transition.  There was about a 100yd run to the lake.  You could hear zippers being pulled down and lots of heavy breathing as the three of us were bolting along the path.  Saw Billy, one of the guys I coach who was in the first wave right ahead of us leaving on his bike. The three of us grabbed our bikes and headed out.  I exited right behind Brandon, ahead of Seton and about :10 up on Thomas.

100m into the bike I hear a disc wheel, Thomas comes flying by me then Brandon, then Brandon re-passes, and now I’m back about :10 total with Billy just ahead of the train.  Thomas repasses, then I pass brandon, then Billy about .75mile later.  Then Thomas comes charging by, then I charge past him then brandon, then Thomas, then me, then Billy, then me, then thomas then brandon, the lead was changing so fast and so many times that it was hard to keep track of who was where.  It was a constant go as hard as you can go, get to the front and try to ride everyone off your wheel bike race.  This is how racing was meant to be, your eyes are bulging, your ribs hurt from breathing so hard, sweat dripping from under your helmet, disc wheels are making the sweet, lovely sound only a disc can make and you’re thinking when in hell is this guy going to drop and not come back to the front.  There had to have been 10-12 lead changes in the first 8 miles. Near the end of lap one I was thinking there is no way I can keep this up, forget about running after this.  

As we started lap 2, I took the lead going around the right hand turn and pushed hard.  This was a close to 2 mile section and I never dropped below 30.5mph.  I figured if anyone was coming back around me it was going to cost then (and me). Near the end of this section, Thomas comes past me,  I drop in legally behind him, see a small rise in the road and go back around him.  Make the right hand turn, look under my legs and can’t see anyone.  Make the next right hand turn just under a mile later and the sound of a disc wheel comes roaring towards me. Thinking it was Thomas I ask if  we gapped Brandon? Brandon just smiled. Ummm, I’ll take that as a NO.  I drop in behind him, amazed at how fast we are coming up on lapped riders.  After the next right hand turn we are both as far left as we can get, being squeezed by lapped traffic, squirt past them on the outside of the right hand turn, and begin the drag race at 27-28mph towards transition. I pass him, make the downhill right and a quick left into transition, as I’m getting out of my shoes, he rolls beside me and we get off our bikes side by side.  Thomas is ~ :10 behind us. And now I turn off my brain.  Instead of running straight to my rack which was 20 feet past the dismount line, I turn right, run all the way down the row of empty bikes, past where Brandon is racked, make a U -turn then run all the way back to my rack.  My friend Joe who was in charge of transition, told me it cost me almost :20 to make that run.  Put on a shoe, hear someone yell “go Thomas” as he exits transition, put on the other shoe, see brandon leaving, I grab my number and visor then run back down the empty rows to get out of transition. Thomas is ~:20 ahead of me, Brandon ~:15. That’s as close as it got.  I averaged 5:57 per mile for the 5k, those guys (thomas is an ex-sub 30min 10k runner so no hope there anyway) pulled ahead a bit more when it was all said and done.  We passed everyone in the first wave  except for 3 people, one of whom I caught on the run.  After the waves were complied I missed 4th place overall by :14 seconds. The mistake I made in transition cost me one spot on the overall result sheet.  

For those of you interested in the power numbers,   AP 244, NP 247, avg speed 25.9mph.

Wetsuit Test Results

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The reason behind this testing is simple.  Find the fastest wetsuit for me for the next few seasons.  I contacted wetsuit manufactures and to get all the suits lined up to swim.  Thanks you to Aquaman, Desoto, Nineteen, and Xterra, for sending me suits to test.  Thank you to for supplying me with the following suits: BlueSeventy, Zoot, QR and Synergy .

To insure as unbiased results as possible and make the test as fair as possible,  I did two rounds of testing for each suit. Each days testing consisted of 2×400 on the 6:00.  Then I changed suits, swam 200 to make sure the suit was on properly and swam another set of 2×400 on 6:00.  Two suits got tested per day.  I did not know which suits in round one were being tested until that morning.  During the second round I swam the suits in the reverse order of the first round to hopefully eliminate fitness gains.

The first suit to be tested was the suit I was born with.  It’s a marvelous suit (thanks Mom & Dad) and has served me well through the years. No neoprene, no zippers, no easy exit leg openings and a few scars from normal wear and tear.  We all know wetsuits are faster, but the goal here was to peg how much faster a wetsuit was against my OEM suit.

How did they swim?  I’m going to present all four times for the suits then an average time.  You can compare how the suits did for me against my OEM suit.  I’ll also list what I liked or did not like about the suit, but please remember this is specific to me. This info about the suits will vary depending upon the individual.

No wetsuit.  5:07, 5:10, 4:56, 4:57.  Average time: 5:02.5.  No complaints, no leaking, no chafing a fine suit, for non-wetsuit swims if I say so myself. 

Wetsuit number 1 was the Synergy Hybrid. 4:31, 4:31, 4:28, 4:27. Average time: 4:29.5.  It’s a new to the market suit. When I first picked up this suit I thought Orca.  But then you see the rubber on the back of this suit and you realize the Synergy is one of a kind.  I’ve never seen wetsuit rubber stretch so much.  I really liked this suit, although being somewhat slim of build; I found it too stretchy across my upper back, or too much of the stretchy rubber. I could have used a little less material in the suit, but if you have wide shoulders or a muscular back this may be an option for you.  With the exception of a seam on my right elbow this was a comfortable suit. Here is a link to the video showing how much stretch the rubber has.

The next suit tested was the DeSoto First Wave. 4:35, 4:40, 4:30, 4:30.  Average time 4:33.75.  Desoto makes a one, or should I say a two of a kind suit.  It’s a two piece suit.  You can mix and match the top and bottom to get a top notch fit.  I originally swam in a size 4 top, which felt great except at the wrists where it was too big, or my wrists are too small. Every stroke you could feel water entering the suit at this critical area. When I tried the size 3 top, it was just a touch too tight through the shoulders, but no water entered through the wrists and I think the times I swam reflect that. This is a great concept in a suit.  It eliminates a weak area in many suits, the zipper, which leaks water into the suit.  Because it’s a pull over top, there is no water leaking inside the suit through the zipper. The collar is very comfortable and doesn’t leak at all. In fact this suit was one of the driest suits in the entire testing.  I just couldn’t get the top to fit right unfortunately.  The bottoms felt great, tight, comfortable and not constricting. This suit was the easiest to put on and by far the fastest suit to take off.

Next up was the Xterra Vector Pro X2.  4:29, 4:31, 4:25, 4:27.  Average time: 4:28. When I choose to get back into triathlon in 2005 after taking eight years away I ended up with an Xterra top of the line suit.  I was not impressed, tight shoulders, chafing around my entire neck and my arms felt like someone tied weights to them.  The new Xterra’s are way better then the suits of old. This suit felt like I was shot out of a cannon.  It made me want to swim fast right from the get go. Four of my six fastest first 100’s came while wearing this suit.  This might be something to consider if you are an off the front swimmer who tends to get a line of people on your feet early in the swim.  They did a lot right with this suit. This was the second driest suit upon exiting the pool.  If I had one complaint about this suit though it would be the collar closure, I could never get it to close so it didn’t scratch my neck.  It scratched me when I breathed only to the right, never chafed, just a tiny little reminder that I couldn’t get the neck just right.  For me this isn’t a big problem I can breathe either side. All in all though this suit felt fast.

The next suit was the Zoot Zenith suit. 4:32 4:34, 4:32, 4:32.  Average time: 4:32.5.  I put this suit on and wanted to walk around and kick people’s ass. The panels on this suit made me feel like Batman and everyone else was a bad guy.  This suit is a 2mm base suit with 3mm panels sewn into the suit to provide a suit that should float like a 5mm paneled suit.  The panels ended up channeling water through the suit so you rolled and felt the water roll right along with you. This suit had the most comfortable neck collar of any suit tested.  It was also the lowest collar.  Lower and more comfy doesn’t always equal faster.  Most of the water entering this suit during the testing came from the collar area.  For me it was just too low. The wrists and ankles sealed rather well and the suit is very comfortable. The suit came off rather quickly thanks to its 2mm body and paneling.

The Nineteen Frequency was next. 4:30, 4:32, 4:28, 4:29.  Average time 4:29.75.  This suit reminded me most of my recently deceased wetsuit.  This is a well thought out suit, great paneling. Lots of 5mm rubber where the suit meets the water and lots of thinner rubber where you need the flexibility.  Well designed legs for easy exit and this suit went on well.  In some respects I think this is one of the best designed suits that I tested. To be fair to this suit, I died on the 4:32 repeat, through the 300 I was on 4:28-:29 pace.  This was the 4th 400 of the day and I just couldn’t hold it together over the final 75.

Next up was the QR SuperFull.  4:34. This suit got pulled from testing because it was just way too big.  It’s a very, very flexible suit.  My other suits are QR’s and I just went with the same size.  This is a one size down suit from previous models.  I knew this suit was too big when I could pull the collar up to my ears. Nice suit, very flexible, and I think this could be a fast suit given that it felt like I was swimming inside a water balloon.

Aquaman Gold Cell was next.  4:29, 4:29, 4:27, 4:27.  4:28 average time. This suit has a very tall neck. Hardly any water comes through the neck.  At first I thought this might be a chafing or restricting neck, but I was wrong.  This is probably the most comfortable neck in the lineup.  The inside of this suit is smooth skin neoprene lined.  You smell just like a wetsuit upon exiting the suit, the tradeoff is that it’s extremely easy to put on, even when wet.  If you are doing TTT, this could be the suit for you.  It’s a fast, comfortable suit. I now know why so many Europeans use Aquaman and the fault that more Americans don’t.  They do little advertising; the suit isn’t in any tri retailer I’ve been in over the last three years. Trying to find an Aquaman wetsuit to touch is like trying to find a snowball in my back yard here in Arizona in July. I received this suit from France with a note from the owner assuring me I’d like this suit. He was 100% correct.  He said Aquaman is so good they don’t have to advertise.  I think if they want to penetrate the US market they better find a way to get this suit into more consumers’ hands. Many suits I’d consider inferior are drowning out this suit at the start line.

The final suit is the Blue Seventy Helix.4:25, 4:27, 4:24, 4:28. Average time 4:26.  This suit stands in stark contrast to the Xterra.  That suit feels like you’ve been shot from cannon.  This suit swims fast but feels slow. I kept checking the clock every 50 and thinking no way is this suit this fast.  If you are a touchy feely person this isn’t your suit.  If you like objective data then this might be your suit. This was probably the most uncomfortable suit to wear around the deck before swimming.  The Torsional Stretch Technology, the blue bands, dug into my back and the armholes dug into me as well.  Once swimming though, this suit was very comfortable.  One complaint was this suit was one of the slowest off in transition suits. I think it’s partly the design, lots of taping over the seams, tight fitting and small leg and arm holes.  Of course these are some of the things that make this suit, and others, fast. Does fastest in the water but slower in transition equal a faster suit?  It depends.  If you are an off the front swimmer then probably it does.  If you are in the middle of the pack from the gun until exiting out of the water, then I’m not so sure.

I was able to talk with several of the suit manufacturers.  There were several things that most agreed upon: 

The SCS coating for many swimmers isn’t going to make a difference.  Getting a clean start will probably do more for you then having the top of the line coating on the suit.

Fit, fit, fit. You need to try on several suits, they all fit different, they all feel different and they all swim different. Get the right fitting suit.

Putting it on correctly is another big area of concern.  It should be snug into your crotch, pull all the excess material up from your legs, up towards your shoulders. It may take several pulls to get the suit on properly. Make sure the arms are aligned properly.

Long sleeves are faster then no sleeves.  The Euro’s know this, the elites know this but many American age groupers are slow adopters. This is probably due to some bad fit issues with long sleeve suits in the past.  Make sure the suit fits.

Most of the rubber used in these suits comes from the same factory. 

Water grabbing panels on the arms may not do anything for you, they may actually be slower. But it’s a price of entry on top line suits now.

Being in the scrum of swimmers is going to negate much of the differences between suits.

No wetsuit is going to make up for a lack of swim training.  If you swim 35 minutes in a half ironman, a wetsuit isn’t going to make you a sub 30 swimmer.

Desert Classic Duathlon Recap

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The first race of the year is in the bag.  The Desert Classic Duathlon results are here: 

All in all not a bad first race for the season.  Things seem to be on track, runs were a bit faster then last year, bike was faster, power numbers higher (np 297 ap 285).  Missed setting a PB on the course by about :35 and was just over :50 faster this year then last.  The transitions were longer this year but with a record field the transition area grew quite a bit from previous years, especially compared to 2002, when I first did this race. 

The race played out much like this race always does.  There is a mad rush from the line since it hits a trail about half a mile into the run.  I was sitting in ~15th place once again after the first minute. Dominic made a big move from behind me to bridge into the first group of 4.  Made me nervous for a second, I thought he was going to keep heading up the road which meant I was going to have to make a decision on holding steady seeing if he came back or go forward sooner then I planned. There was a small gap then a group of about 10. Another small gap then the group I was in, each gap was about 3 meters.  At this point I was still in contact with the leaders more or less and running rather comfortable. As we were making the left hand bend before the final stretch to the fencing that funnelled us onto the trail, I bridged up on the right side of the road.  Surprisingly easy especially since I went from ~ 14th to 5th or 6th in about 10m, but this is the point where many people realize they have been over enthusiastic from the gun.  Passed another person or two right before the trail to enter in 4th position.  We were 3 wide and it really doesn’t work well on that trail.  The tall guy in the middle drifted towards me, we bumped, he moved back then drifted back towards me.  I placed my hand on him and firmly guided him over (ok I admit it was more of a shove out of my way since he was slowing and I wasn’t, sorry dude)  into the person on his left and went around him.  I think he was less then thrilled judging from his comment. This move put me in second position on the trail in my wave.  My skills from college xc days still come in handy here and there.  Hit the first mile marker and looked at my watch, it said 5:36. I’ve done about .5 miles of running this year faster then that and I started to over analyze my pace.  

Mentally I just cracked there and started to worry about if I was running to fast to soon, does my training support the first mile’s pace etc.  The string to the first guy stretched and snapped.  The first marker was short from everyone I talked with.  It really was a big mental laspe on my part.  Finished the run a bit pissed at myself for cracking like that as the pace was never too much and there was never pressured from behind on the first run. Decent transition for me, only one dude rolled past me in T1 plus the lead runner flatted so I grabbed the lead in my wave for a bit.  A short bit. Guy in my AG rolled past me so fast I didn’t even see what he was riding.  My thought was just keep him in sight then outrun him on the second run.  The dude forgot to consult me for the game plan and proceeded to put about 4:30 on me over the next 19 miles. Yeah, I’m big enough to admit I got spanked on the bike.  I don’t feel too bad because he outrode the entire field, elites included.  Later I found out he was a recently retired pro cyclist. My prediction is he causes lots of headaches for duathletes all over the country in all age groups.  I really hope he can’t swim because if he can, then I predict he casuses lots of headaches for triathletes across the country, or at least So Cal where he lives.

One more guy passed me on the bike. I recognized him from some other races.  We have the he gets outrun, he always passes me on the bike and he gets outrun in run 2 pattern.  I passed him back on the 5k climb into the park, he rolled past me into transition, I rolled onto the run course before him and that was that. I was able to take the downhill section coming off the big hill on the run pretty easy, as well as some of the rocky sections. No need to trip, fall or twist an ankle since there wasn’t any pressure from behind on the second run.

So all in all not too shabby for this time of year.  2nd in my AG, 6th or 7th AG overall, with solid runs and ride. Qualified for Duathlon Worlds again and got some good feedback on how the last few months of training has been going.  Big props to one of the guys I coach.  Billy set a PR on the course by 1 minute.  He keeps getting faster as he gets older.  Also my friend Jeff, set a PB as well including PB’s on the runs and bike.  Congrats.   Big congrats to the Phoenix Triathlon Club,  the RD and their crew, the volunteers and for supporting duathlon in the US and putting on one of the best season opening races anywhere in the US.

1 Week to go until Race Time!

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I still have not sorted out my TT bikes.  I’ve got the Lucero but without the SRM and a seat, riding that bike looks a bit sketchy.  I’ve got the Specialized Transition with half a back brake zip tied to the downtube. Riding that bike seems a tad dangerous if I need to stop.  Me thinks I’m going to have to pull the SRM out of the Transition and re-install it in the Lucero at this point and swap the seat.  Of course I’ve still got 7 days before the race so plenty of time to sort it out….sort of.  Although it would be nice to ride one of them this year before the race. At least to make sure they shift while going uphill.

I race the Desert Classic Duathlon next Sunday.  Should be a good season opening hitout, hopefully.  My power data says my riding isn’t too shabby right now.  The big concern is since Thanksgiving week, I’ve been averaging only about 43 mile per week of running.  This time last year I running on average 57mpw, with a higher frequency as well. That’s a fair bit of running.  But since I’ve been riding quite a bit more then last year at this point, my thinking is, if I give anytime back on the runs I should more then make up for in on the bike leg.   It’s just a thought. We all know thinking is dangerous. 

Here is a pic of the Lucero in it’s current state and two of the specialized.  Note half the brake zip tied to the cage.


Wonder how fast this thing goes

Wonder how fast this thing goes?


The new ride

Stopping = sketchy at best





The new TT ride

The new TT ride! With the repair ticket on the bars.

Round 1 – Finally Done!

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Swam in the last suit today for round 1.  Round 2 begins tomorrow.  Really fast suit, really fast times.  I should have swam faster or managed my time better today since I’m out of time to write right now.

I’m going list the suits alphabetically and the times from the fastest swam to the slowest swam.


Suits swam:


Blue 70







The times:

4:25   4:27   4:29   4:29   4:30   4:30   4:31   4:31   4:32   4:32   4:32   4:34   4:32   4:35   4:40   


That’s 8 suits tested but one of the above suits was removed due to it being way to big.  I included the suit and it’s time in the list.

One suit didn’t arrive at in time to get tested, hopefully I’ll test that suit early in 2009 and retest the ill-fitting suit again.

Round two begins tomorrow.