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Doubling Up

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A pair of Accelerate 3 athletes racing and a pair of good results.

Billy, went to the Desert Classic Duathlon. He grabbed 3rd in his age group behind two of AZ’s top age group competitors. He crossed the finish line as the 10th overall finisher in the age group field.

James started his season off just like he did last year, with the W! Coming off three weeks of training in AZ where he racked up some impressive training time, he took his mini van to the Alston & Byrd Corporate Cup 5k. After running a 5:05 first mile and shredding the rest of the field, he was able to cruise in to break the tape.

So far this year, three Accelerate athletes have raced. So far this year, three Accelerate 3 athletes have had three rather good finishes.

I don’t not suck.

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Cold. Wet. And not just your girlfriend. That was what we were faced with at the Desert Classic Duathlon on Sunday. The trails were a muddy, sloppy mess, as if mud makes any other type of mess. Judging from my kit it sure doesn’t make a clean mess. But damn it, it’s so much fun to run in the rain. Especially on trails dodging cactus and stomping in puddles. My high school and college xc skills are still there. My leg speed, um, well, not so much.

It wasn’t so bad on the bike, the weather that is, not my riding. My riding, now that was an awesome display of patheticness. With all the kit I had on the only cold part came with the 5k downhill that saw me cruising along at 29+ mph. Couple that with a chain that skipped unless I was applying some upward pressure to my shift lever and the fun factor wasn’t near an all time high. The front Zipp 1080 is a bit twitchy at times. Sort of felt like I was hydroplaning. Hydroplaning, twitchy and wet roads = some puckering here and there. The rubber stayed down and the Styrofoam stayed up is a decent summary on my biking. Other then I suck, which is the best assessment of it currently.

I accomplished my goal of a personal worst time on the course. 1:39:21. A PW by 4:31! F*ck yeah I rocked it! I was still 2nd in the Men’s 35-39 Age Group. The streak of never finishing out of the top 3 in my AG in this race continues. This is a very sad reflection on how pathetically weak this AG is in AZ. Next year I get to play with the big boys in AZ, the M40-44 AG. When did I get so old?

The run went somewhat well. I’ve never witnessed this race from so far back. I was 25th in my wave in the first minute. The gun went off and I just cruised out from the line. About 100m from the turn to get on the trail, just like when I’ve been up front, those in the back suddenly started to slow. Who knew? I moved up 5 or 6 places in the 25 meters before the turn. Ran past a few more and hit the first mile in 6:10. The first mile of this race is more or less downhill and flat. The real challenge on the first run is between miles 1 to just beyond 2. The course goes uphill the entire time. Hit the 2 mile mark in just under 12:40. Just beyond 2 miles, the course turns downhill again. The smart play is run the first mile within yourself and the second mile hard to make time on those behind and/or pull in those in front. The section from just beyond mile 2 to the end of the run takes care of itself…..if you’ve run smart up to that point. Hit 3 miles in just over 18:10 and continued to push. I got passed around mile 3 then just clung to the dude and let him pull me. When all was said and done, it worked out to about 6:02 per mile for a 21:06 3.5 mile opening leg. Last year I ran 19:30. sigh…..

You know triathlon/duathlon really isn’t that hard when you aren’t pushing the bike leg. I can’t say except for the steep pitches back into the park that I really rode hard. My 202 watt average power would confirm that. Like I said, I Suck.

Second run was fine, had to tie my shoe starting the run, which consisted of struggling to get my neoprene gloves off then tying my ghetto lacing system. I’ve got wide feet and hate my running shoes flopping around, what can you do?

Some dude sprinted past me near the finish. Crossed the line, walked for 2 min then went straight to the trailer where all my (dry) gear was. Got naked, dried off the best I could, put on my dry clothes and got back to the hotel for a hot shower. If you were running up the final 75 meters to the finish line and saw a skinny dude with a really white ass in the back of the trailer, that was me.

The nice thing about racing is it allows you to objectively assess where you are at. Running, I’m ok. A few long runs and some miles consistently and things will be good. Cycling…well I’m going to need a moped if I want to go fast.

What a difference a year makes :-(

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This time last year I was building my Lucero back up for the Desert Classic Duathlon. The big question wasn’t how was my fitness, although I was wondering about how it would pan out, but more like are my cranks going to fall off at some point, did I tighten the seat or did I remember to tighten the bolts that hold the brakes in. Stopping is important after all.

Now one year later, I have big questions about my fitness. Actually that’s bullshit. I have no questions about my fitness, I’m just not fit. Comparing year over year for the last three years at this time my FTP in 2008 was 272, last year 290 this year a burly 235w. I’m heavier now as well. Nothing says getting your ass kicked better then being fat and having a low FTP. Fortunately the news gets no better on my quest to set a PW (personal worst) on this course. My run pace two years on the first run was 5:42, last year was 5:31 per mile. This year, I’ll be lucky to be below 6:15. All in all I figure I should be out on the course for about 4-6 minutes longer then it’s ever taken me for this race. That doesn’t sound like much, but at last years race, I ran sub 6:00 for the second run. So I’ll be at least 1 mile behind where I was. 1 mile is a beat down.

Any punters on how slow I go compared to last year? I’ll lay $15 on 5:47 slower. What’s your bet?

What can you do? When the fitness isn’t there there is no faking it. I’m going to get my ass kicked for sure. There should be several happy people in my age group. I noticed several names on the start list that have never beaten me before, many of those guys are 0 and double digits against me. Sunday is their big day!

The only bright news heading into the race, is I’m running a slightly faster wheel set and a faster frame then last year. That should get me, oh call it :15-:20 seconds back.

There it is, the old, new ride. I need to come up with a nickname for it. My old bike was the Bad Ass Lucero. It was black so what did you expect? This is red. Bad Ass and red bikes just don’t go together. Maybe the Cute and Polite cycle? Or Thank God I’ve got black wheels otherwise I’d be a poser bike. Seems kind of long.

Check back in next week kids to see how bad I get my ass kicked.