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Rude dude

Posted in Random Stuff, Triathlon with tags , , , , , , on February 24, 2010 by brianestover

I’m running at the gym over lunch today. This older guy, keeps getting on the chin up bar. He proceeds to do about 20 chin ups. Not bad for an older fellow. But his chin ups consists of him lower himself about 4 in down then back up. He then disappears. About 10 minutes later, he comes back. Does the same thing and disappears. 10 minutes later here he comes again. About the 5th time he does this, I’m finally walking a bit of a cool down. He proceeds to tell me he did over 60 chin ups and he is 65. Like I really care. So I told him if you are only going to lower yourself 4 inches, I wouldn’t really count those as doing chin ups. He then proceeded to call me an asshole. Unbelievable.