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Bringing the Heat!

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It may have been hot at the Muncie 70.3 which became Muncie 70.3 minus a lot of kilometers but Jenny proved too be to hot to handle for any of the other age group women. After spending much of the day in the top 5 overall she fell down the rankings late in the run. She finished 8th overall and won her age group and the age group portion of the race by a rather comfortable margin. I think I’ll let her niece sum up her race.

Jenny’s niece stating the facts

In NC, James traveled to High Point to race the men’s Cat 3 State TT championship. He grabbed the silver medal for his sub 56 minute effort.

Elsewhere Chad and Doug both placed top 10 in their age groups at the Chattanooga and NYC triathlons.

Another weekend of hot performances by Accelerate 3 athletes.

It’s good to be KING!

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Chad Williamson threw a chain, had to stop to put it back on and he still destroyed the rest of the Cat 5 men at the Men’s Cat 5 Alabama State TT Championships. Five minutes. That’s not even close over 40k. Too bad he isn’t a Cat 4 since he would have won that as well. Chad brings home a championship in a 3rd state and this is the 14th or 15th time an Accelerate 3 Athlete has won a state Championship.

Chad Williamson claiming his title

But that’s not the only Accelerate 3 athlete producing good results this past weekend. In Tucson Billy grabbed 9th overall and 2nd in his age group at the Holualoa Tinfoil Triathlon.

Billy Oliver working hard

Heading back east, Doug Tsao used the fastest run split of the day to vault himself from 42nd position leaving T2 into 7th overall and 2nd in his age group at the first ever Mighty Moss Half Iron Triathlon. Doug proved once again that you can never run too fast in a triathlon but you can run too slow.

Doug on the Podium!

Contador Suspended

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You can read all about it here:

But if you think cycling is clean you are an idiot. If you think triathlon is clean you are an idiot.

As long as success in sports is linked with big salaries, lots of media, financial security, Olympic glory, fame and fortune you will have doping in sports. Accept it.

Accept that your favorite cyclist of yesterday or today doped, every single one of them more then likely. Accept that many of the performances you see in triathlon, both age group and elite, are possible because of doping. Accept that the heads of major sports, like the UCI, ITU, don’t really want to tackle doping head on. They know doing this will reduce the vitality and profile of their sport while hurting their pocketbook. Accept it.

Accept the fact, that sports, endurance sports anyway, are becoming a little bit cleaner. Accept the fact that some of the performances you see at the top level are clean performances. Sure you may have to look down to the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th or 11th place person to find the first place clean athlete in many endurance events, but they are there.