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Swimming Sucks

Posted in Random Stuff with tags , , , , , , on March 11, 2009 by brianestover

Well it probably would suck less if I swam more.  February was an enormous swim month for me, 6800 yards, all in the first 4 days of the month.  This month I’ve got 4300 in.   3300 over the last two nights.  Who knew holding 1:20’s could hurt so bad? My huge main set (lots of sarcasm) was 3x3x100 descend 1-3, descend the intervals. (although I do want to point out I did swim 6 of these under 1:20).  Started at 1:35 finished on the 1:25.  That last round you really only have to make the second interval.  The first takes care of itself, cruised it hit the wall and go. The second, once you hit that who really cares about the third?  It’s over. Get to the wall, cool down then get out. 

Someone, anyone remind me to stop taking months out of the water at a time.  Seriously, it sucks trying to get back into swim shape. Good thing while at TriFest someone mentioned there were only 22 days until the Tucson Triathlon or I would have waited another week.  But what that conversation really meant was holy crap, Oceanside 70.3 is 6 days after that and I don’t think I could crack 28:00 for the swim right now with a wet suit.  Probably need to be in the low 26 min range out of the water to be near the front of my AG.  It might also help if I sorted out my TT bike situation as well, but lets face it, I’ll worry about that next week.