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It’s here, it’s hot and it’s starting to get humid with the monsoons building up. It’s my least favorite time of year. Yes, I know that runs counter to about 95% you guys, lets see 11 readers 95% too much math for me. So one other person doesn’t like summer. I’m sure if I lived on the east coast I’d like summer. And I like summer in Tucson much much better then I liked summer in Phoenix.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the longer days, sun peeking up at 4:30 in the morning. Especially since this causes a chain reaction. My alarm cat goes off, I have to throw something at him. He then goes on snooze. Five minutes later he goes off again. Now I have to get up, walk across my room and shut the door. Sleeping is supposed to be lazy, you should be able to do it laying down. Not listening to some stupid cat beg for breakfast.

I like the fact that I can go swim at 6pm get out of the pool 45min later and it’s still light. There is something to be said about not freezing in the water or on the deck before and after I swim.

Love being dehydrated. I work in and out of my car. About the time it cools down from 120 degrees I get back out of it. About the time it gets back to 120 I get back in it. Repeat this for the duration of my day. Joyous. Really. Not. Even 2L of water through out the day can’t keep me hydrated. It was 2 days ago the last time I peed and 2 days ago since my headache started. Makes me wonder if they are related.

I love running in 85F temps. At 5:45 in the morning. It’s freaking awesome. Try it some time. Outside workout in the evening? F*cking are you crazy. Unless it’s swimming. Instead one becomes a gym rat. Endless miles on the treadmill, listening to my mp3 player. My gym insists on it being 80 inside. Really? WFT? I’m paying $26 a month, can we have 77 at least? And they wonder why they had to stick a locked box around the controls.

There are a ton of good things about summer. Half of Tucson abandons ship and flees for cooler climates. Watermelon, fruits and veggies round into season, lots of sunlight. Love Mr. Sunshine, but I’m anti global warming. Mt. Lemmon, especially the higher areas. Super awesome in the summer, actually super awesome year round but especially in the summer.

If Tucson was 10 degrees cooler in the summer San Diego would visit us.

The opposite of Winter

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I’m not a big fan of summer,  spring and fall yes, but not summer.  Tell me your woes about spending all winter in the gym running or having to ride the trainer 2-3x per week. Or how it sucks swimming indoors all winter.  No sympathy here. Why?  Because it’s going to be 102 this week, thats why.  While the rest of Canada/Minnesota/North Dakota, it’s all the same,  is finally shovelling the last of the snow away, we start heading indoors to run, bolt our bikes to the trainers and wish we could swim anywhere but our 90F outdoor pools. It’s getting hot. And more sunny if that is possible. And hot.  Did I mention 100+ temps for 3+ months.  It’s like Canada… reverse. I feel sorry for any idiots who live in the midwest or other frozen parts of North America in the winter then come here for the summer.   It just looks like I’m in Minnesota in the winter while I’m in Tucson for the summer.  Pale, white, almost ghost like because of all the sunscreen I have to use. It’s like a reverse tan. Get up, put on sunscreen, grab other bike, try to go ride outside, turn around because it’s hot, ride bike pre-bolted on trainer for 2 hours. Then go swim in the bathtub.  Yeah.

Why do I live in Tucson?  It’s the other 9 months of the year with near perfect outdoor weather.