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Lust Ended!

Posted in Triathlon with tags , , , , , , , , , on February 26, 2012 by brianestover

For two years I’ve been lusting after this bike, and the girl, but I’m dating the girl and didn’t have the bike so I had a BIG problem. But yesterday I was able to quench my lust, end my starvation for the ultimate machine, score a super sweet bike for a super, super sweet price. Now sitting in my living room is my new Scott Plasma 3.

Non drive side Delight

Soon I’ll be slapping the Dura Ace drive train parts on it from, a Profile ProSvet base bar then I need to chose some extensions and saddle. The Sickest Bike ever, will then be ready to roll. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m going to crush some dreams on this bike in races. Dreams that people have of having the baddest looking bike in transition. Not anymore hombre. You’re bike is suddenly going to look like plain Jane. Sorry man.

Drive Side Deliciousness.

On another front, yesterday was another day of James making me suffer on the bike. We climbed a good deal of Mt. Lemmon. One of us wasn’t suffering nearly enough if he had time to shoot pics. Here are a few showing you how awesome Tucson can be in the winter, crappy roads aside.

Mt. Lemmon near Geology Vista

Blue Skies over Tucson

While he may have given me a lesson on climbing, I was able to show him how to intimidate drivers on the descents. We caught a car, I was able to scare the driver into pulling over because she wouldn’t drive downhill as fast as we were descending. I did that to her twice. Poor lady will probably never drive up Mt. Lemmon again.

Coach Brian Suffering on the Climb

Sickest Bike Ever

Posted in Random Stuff, Triathlon with tags , , , , on October 12, 2010 by brianestover

I’m so jealous. Sarah got to ride the first Scott Plasma 3 available for consumer purchase in the US. got a few of them in the other day. Before any other retailer in America actually. Look at this bike. It’s sexy, it’s aero, it has two water bottle frame mounts and it comes in black. Black! There is no better lack of color for a bike. Ever. I think I’m in Lust!

How can you look at this bike and not want to get it? I can’t wait to see it in person. When Sarah told me she was going to ride it today before anyone else, I was a little upset. I wanted to be the first. Just because she is the marketing director doesn’t mean I can’t be the first to ride it. I’m going to have to have a chat with her coach about this. Oh wait.

So here you go, lust over it, buy one for yourself, buy one for me. I’ll even go 50-50 with you and we can share it.