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Bonking Sucks

Posted in Stuff, Triathlon with tags , , , , , , , on January 29, 2012 by brianestover

It seems yesterday I under ate, or over worked out, or maybe both. It really sucks though when you bonk walking your dog in the evening. Yeah, pathetic isn’t it? A 2 mile walk and I thought I was going to pass out. It’s a shame as well, because my dog actually wanted to run a bit yesterday. About 1.5 miles into the walk I realized I was in trouble. The kind of trouble where you want to lay down and sleep trouble. The kind of trouble where you really, really have to focus to get home trouble. The kind of trouble where you are grabbing for anything in the fridge as soon as you walk through the door trouble. Olives probably weren’t the best option. In my defense did I mention that I was bonking?

This morning, after the required number of cups of tea, off I go run. Sure enough coming back from my run, climbing the last hill before home, I get that wonderful feeling again. The feeling that really makes me want a Pepsi, or two. Sugar, anything with sugar and NOW. Thankfully I was only about a half mile from home when it hit. I was able to wobble down the street, foaming at the mouth, while the parents in the hood were grabbing their kids, pulling them into the house for safety. Little did they realize I’m not after their kids, foam or not. Unless their kids had a Pepsi. The it’s time for a rob and run leaving the kid crying in their front yard while I enjoyed their soda. But if your a parent and your kid is having a soda at 10am, you need some work on your parenting skills. Come on dude, seriously? You’re giving your kids soda before lunch? WTF? Give the kid some Oj or something. If that’s not worthy of a call to CPSA then I don’t know what is. You probably shouldn’t even be giving your kid soda. Let them discover it in college or something.

My omelet turned out crappy to add insult to injury. I ended up with scrambled eggs with fake sausage, cheese and salsa mixed in. That might have worked out ok. But I realized this morning as I was about to make a burrito out of my egg disaster that I’m out of tortillas. Some mornings it doesn’t pay to sleep in then go work out. Or it pays to go grocery shopping first, which if I want to eat breakfast tomorrow, I still need to go do.

Big Watts or Not

Posted in Triathlon with tags , , , , , , , , on March 20, 2011 by brianestover

It’s a week removed from the Team Trisports training camp and 3 weeks from the Accelerate 3 training camp. I was hoping all the hard work over those 4 and 3 day camps would pay off. That and running with my friend Ted whom moved in around the corner. He is a bit of a faster runner then I am. He crushed me running Monday. I’m embarrassed to say I even begged for mercy about halfway through. My legs and I were shelled for three days after.

On the biking side I’m starting to see some payoff. My FTP seems like it’s gone up, I’ll know for sure later this week. I set new 1 minute and 5 minute power bests, 511w and 337 or 7.11 and 4.69 w/kg. Those just aren’t season bests, those are the best outputs I’ve seen since ditching my SRM and switching to Power Tap in January of 2009. I’m pretty stoked actually to be putting up better numbers at 39 then I did at 37 and 38. Now if that will lift up the right side of the power curve I’ll be happy(ier).

Today riding, I bonked. Not once but twice and it sucks more the second time then the first. Twizzlers, which were a new choice to end the bonk for me today, it seems won’t really sustain me through 12 miles. I knew it was bad when I looked back to cross three lanes of traffic and got dizzy. The people behind me must have seen my swervy bike handling skills. All of them slowed up so I could cross. Eight miles after the Twizzlers I bonked again. At this point I was only 4 miles, most of it downhill, from home. Somehow I made it home, opened the door, clomped to the fridge and grabbed a Pepsi. The delicious, carbonated, caffeinated, sugary, sweetness never tasted better. Mmm good.

I’m going to blame the 8.5 hours of painting yesterday after I worked out and not the lack of breakfast. At least my office is painted, well not the molding and the living room/dining room are almost done. Only the molding and the dark colored walls to go there.