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Ironman Arizona is a math equation. Really. Take two athletes, Jeff and Greg. Take what they’ve done, what they want to do, where they are at, plug it into a quadratic equation, divide that answer by the square root of both of their previous IM PB’s added together then divided by three and presto the solution.

Both of these athletes had some specific goals, Greg wanted an overall PB as well as a new PB in each segment. Jeff had the goal of wanting to beat my IM PB. Now a few years ago, Jeff had that same goal. But back then he was a 12:30+ IM dude. Could I turn Jeff from a 11:35 IM guy into a sub 10:57 IM guy? Greg was a 13:10+ IM guy. How much faster could he go, he set a huge half IM PB early in the season, could he do that for IM?

Goals in, solutions out, training done and the final exam. Now that the papers are graded and both athletes have their grade, how did they do?

Greg, knocked off 69 minutes from his record, setting a new IM PB of 12:02. I’d have to say that’s an A for the race, and I think there is room for him to knock off another chunk like that. His new self was only 8k or so ahead of his old self by the end of the race.

Jeff, reduced his PB by exactly 60 minutes going 10:35 and accomplishing his goal of smashing someone’s fastest IM. As a coach I couldn’t be happier about that.

All in all I couldn’t be happier with the whole weekend. Saw some old friends, made some new one’s, connected some circles, formed some dots. The racing went well and the beer tasted good.

Just Another PB

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One week after grabbing 2nd overall in the Double Oak Duathlon, Chad rips off a HUGE 5k PB. He cracked 18:00 for the first time by running a 17:53 this morning at the Rumpshaker 5k. (no I can’t just make up names like Rumpshaker 5k, that’s totally awesome)

What this really says is that if you build your running up to a sustainable level, in his case just over 40 miles per week on average since January, faster running times will follow. It also says that his competitors should be looking over their shoulder if they are ahead of him starting the run.

Boise 70.3

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Cory raced at the Boise 70.3 this past weekend. For him it was another race another PB. He is 2 for 2 in his long course racing this year for PB’s. Ending your season with a PB is never a shabby thing. The only bad thing about ending your season with a PB is now you’ve moved the bar higher for the next race.

Cory is off for the rest of the year to fight the forest fires raging across the southwest and western US. I think it would be amazing to see what Cory could do if he was able to train for triathlon for a full year to year and a half with out fire season getting in the way.

Cory motoring along

IMAZ part II

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3 in all under 12hrs, all with PBs. Not too shabby. Great job guys!

Tim went 11:02.   Under a previous coach he was a DNF at his IM attempts.  Crossing the finish line, to me, is a PB for him since he has started Ironman races before.  I’m actually looking forward to his progress next season.  He has managed to knock off over 32 minutes from his half IM PB this year dropping that into the low 4:30’s.  I think next year he should be turning some heads around the AZ racing scene with people asking where he came from.  Sorry Tim, I didn’t get any pics of you that my thumb wasn’t in the way.

Jeff went 11:35. He overcame some late season injuries caused by a shoe switch which limited his run mileage during the final build. Jeff has a group of friends that are, or actually were of similar ability in IMs.  To quote one of them, “I’m going to have to put the wife and newborn up for adoption if I want to get close to his time”. When you drop over 65 minutes off your IM PB, you actually just have to de-friend your old ones and go get faster new friends. Or you become King among the commoners.

Jeff telling me what he really thinks

Billy was the third athlete going 10:14.  He went about 30 minutes faster then he ever had.  This was the first time he ever broke 4 hours in the Ironman marathon.  He got off the bike 7th in his AG, within striking distance of a Kona slot, but ultimately finished 14th in his AG.  I’ve know Billy know for over 12 years, train with him often and have been coaching him for just over three. It’s been nice watching him get faster and faster as he does the work season after season. Now at 45, he is faster then when he was 35 or 40!

Starting his 2nd loop

Finishing to a new Ironman PR

Soma Triathlon

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How did Accelerate 3 athletes do at the Soma Half Ironman?  Not too shabby at all I’d say.

2 athletes racing. The final score?

2 half IM PB’s with 2 run PB’s by huge margins.

Tim was 3rd in his Ag, 19th OV and made an ENORMOUS leap forward in his performance slashing 23 minutes off his Half IM PB.  Did I mention he capped it off with a new PB on the run.

Jeff was 151st OV, 2 min faster then he has ever covered the half distance.  He only ran 7 minutes faster then ever before, including a bathroom break.

Those guys rode each of the three laps on the bike faster then the lap before.  Proper pacing = proper racing. I wonder how many athletes did that on the bike then backed it up with PB type runs?  My guess is that these guys had very little company in this category.

Great job guys!