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The Decision was….

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There was no decision. I didn’t have to choose a wet suit. It rained in Phoenix the day before the race. A lot. .02 inches. Which for Phoenix is close to biblical flooding. When it rains that much, they test the water in Tempe Town Lake. Those results take 24 hours to get back. They tested Saturday at 10am. Race time was Sunday at 7am. Phoenix, we have a problem.

The Race Directors made the swim into a 5k run. Which was good. I was a little behind for the week in running frequency and miles. A 5k/25 mile/10k duathlon will go further to make up the lack of running then a triathlon will.

I ended up 5th overall for the men. 2:02:50. After the first run I was in 11th place, but left T1 in 7th place. Rocked the bike with the third fastest split, left T2 3rd overall and with a pedestrian 40:08 10k lost 2 spots. But since they did wave starts all I really know is it was very crowded in the last 1.5 miles. There were a lot of people right at the 3 minute stagger ahead of me and it was going to be iffy as to who beat whom. All I really knew was I was leading my wave, was getting pressure from behind and I was running scared.

Leading the Charge

My wave was the guys 35-44. The gun went off and since the start was up a small hill I cruised the start. Didn’t take me long to find myself in the lead which was exactly where I did not want to be. Soon a group of five of us formed. At the first turn, I surged a little and now there were 4. At the next turn I surged a little and now there were three. Shortly after that Brandon surged and now we were 2. I tucked in behind him and held the 2 yard gap for a bit. He surged again just past the mile marker and now he was by himself. After that he pulled away over the rest of the run. I think he was :20 in front heading into T1. I passed him there and never relinquished the lead in my wave. On the second run, he was about 1 minute behind me. With 1 mile to go he got with in :10 before fear took over and shifted my running up a gear.

On the Bike

This is the first time in ~ 20 years I haven’t broken 18:00 for 5k. I’m a little worried especially now that I’m racing masters. I’m also worried that I’ve become a one trick pony. Hang in for the run, ride everyone into the ground and hope I’ve gotten enough room to hang on. Certainly that needs to change. For you power geeks 25.2 miles in 62:25 AP 231. My power output confirms that my position on the bike is pretty solid and aero, at least I think so. Now if only I could get some solid wattage output.

I need to sit or fall over

Panic? What panic?

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Who was panicking? Not me. You know why? I had a plan. A plan so great, a plan so awesome, a plan of pure genius that there was no need to panic.

An email to the wet suit buyer at my favorite triathlon store, Trisports, and I had not one but two wet suits hand delivered to me. Yes, I said hand delivered. How’s that for customer service? Now the problem, and it’s a good problem to have, is which of these kick ass suits do I wear?

Or as the Blacksheep asked “Do I go with this” Nineteen Frequency “or do I go with that?” Blue Seventy Helix

Nineteen Frequency

Blue Seventy Helix

But the news only gets better. I ran yesterday for four miles. While the first 3 minutes I thought I might need CPR, for the next three I was thinking maybe just O2 flowing at 4L/min. Finally after a few more minutes I convinced myself that I probably wasn’t going to die on the treadmill. The good news was no hamstring pain. Did I mention what a pain in that ass that was? Literally? This morning I woke up and knocked out 7.1 miles with just a small twinge 32 minutes into my run. It never got worse and wasn’t noticeable by the end of the run.

The downfall of having such a genius plan, is that now I’ll be that guy. You know, the guy you see at a triathlon who has 2-3 of everything. I’ll have my old Blue Seventy Helix as a just in case suit, the new Helix loaner suit and the Nineteen loaner suit. I’ve already packed three front wheels in the car. Since it might be raining, I’ll have all my rain kit with me. So now it boils down to making the drive, not forgetting my USAT card again, then showing up race morning and playing Paper Scissors Rock with myself to choose a suit and then actually racing.

But for now, it’s off to the trainer since it’s raining. Netflix sent me the last season of Weeds. I’m about to watch a few episodes and bang out some intervals on my bike.

No Need to Panic

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Why panic? Just because I’m racing this weekend at the Marquee Triathlon and then again next Saturday at the Phoenix Triathlon isn’t a reason to panic. I could list the reasons to panic such as:

1. I don’t have a wet suit. Ok that’s not entirely true. I have a wet suit, with a few holes and several tears. So technically while I have a wet suit I don’t have a wet suit to race in. Just because I don’t have a wet suit isn’t a reason to panic. I mean it’s Thursday and the race isn’t until Sunday. No worries. Plenty of time to get a wet suit.

2. I’ve ridden my TT bike for a total of 34 miles. And that’s since November 1. November 1 of 2010. Clearly no reason to panic there.

3. I ran with Ted last Saturday for a casual 7 mile run that turned in 9.2 miles going up huge, steep hills at an rather unreasonable rate of speed and tweaked my hamstring. Actually I tweaked my hamstring running downhill in the sandy wash but let’s not split hairs. It’s not a reason to panic. Nor is the fact that it still hurts when I walk. Nope, no panic there. Ok maybe a little panic with that one. But just a little. And by little I mean it’s just a tiny nagging thought that runs through my head all day long like a fire truck siren blaring 5 feet from your ear.

4. Between all the not running I’ve done this week and the Naproxen I’ve taken I’m sure it could possibly be better by Sunday right? And by Sunday I mean Sunday morning just in case my body decides to read this.

5. Just because there are some really fast guys registered isn’t a reason to panic is it? Did I mention a few of those guys have way faster then me run PB’s. Nope, not a reason to panic.

6. Some of those same guys are really strong cyclists as well. Another reason to not panic.

Now lets list all the reasons I shouldn’t panic.

1. I’ve swam 40km this year! That’s 30km more then this point last year. That’s actually a reason for some of them to panic!

2. My biking power/weight ratio has increased since my last race. All due to increases in power. Maybe I can drop a few kg’s by Sunday. 5kg or so should do it.

3. I’ve got nothing else. Clearly a reason to revert back to panic mode.