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Last Weekend at the Races

Posted in Triathlon with tags , , , , , , , on May 26, 2011 by brianestover

It’s been a hectic week and blogging has slipped into the background this week.

There were some major going on’s with Accelerate 3 athletes this past weekend.

At the Tucson Triathlon I finished fourth and Billy finished 12th overall. Both of us won our age groups. I had a horrible swim, rode well in no mans land while some of the guys up the road were able to ride in a legal group then late in the last mile of the run ran three guys down. Couldn’t quite catch 3rd place overall although he was coming fast to me. I thought maybe, just maybe I could catch him. THen he looked back and started running for his life.

Old guys ruled at this race. Only three people in the top 20 were 30 or younger. This was one of the faster fields in recent years at this race. It’s tough to be in the 35+ age group in AZ.

Francois finished fourth overall after being directed off course on the bike at the Armed Forces Day Triathlon.

Rich raced his first ever IM at IM Texas. This was a bitter sweet race for him. He hurt his back playing with his kids, twice, and lost eight consecutive weeks of running leading into this race. He only started hitting the roads three weeks before the race. He still managed to place 128th overall and sneaked into the top 20 in his age group finishing 17th.

Wes set a new olympic distance PB at the Columbia Triathlon finishing 7th in his age group. This is a tough course to set a PB on, which bodes well for him. Maybe not so well for his age group competitors though.