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Triumph and Tradegy

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It’s with a heavy heart that I start this blog post. One of the Accelerate 3 athletes lost her son this week. Losing a family member is always a tragedy especially when they are only 23. My condolences go out to Noreen and her family in this difficult time.

On the racing side, it’s turned into a pretty good weekend. Cory finished IM St. George in a new PB dropping 28 minutes off his Ironman PB. His effort netted him his first trip to the medical tent ever post race. A double congratulations go out for his efforts. IM St. George is considered one of the hardest IM courses in the world. This is the second year in a row Cory has lowered his IM PB on this course. Last year was a 50 minute PB, this year was a 28 minute PB. That’s not shabby at all!

James finished fifth overall at the White Lake Half today in NC. They cancelled the swim keeping his streak alive of swims being cancelled for every half he has done this year. This was a bittersweet result for him. Bitter in the fact that he is disappointed that he did not run as fast at Nola 70.3, sweet because even though he never felt on top of his game, he still ran his second fastest half run ever. This race shows he continues to make significant progress towards his goals of racing elite in the next year. Looking towards his late season half’s he is set up to swim a huge PB for the swim portion of a half, if they let him swim.

I raced up in Phoenix at the Iron Gear Sports triathlon. Which may not have been the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I woke up with a sore throat but raced anyway. A decent swim had me out in 7th but a blazing fast transition put me on the bike course in 4th position. Historically my transitions have been ok if not a bit on the slow side of fast. But this year I’ve started the bike or run legs at many a race thinking “holy shit I was in and out of there like Superman changing in a phone booth.” My bike was the 5th fastest on the day and left me in 2nd overall starting the run and ahead of third by about a minute. Unfortunately my lack of run speed was evident by my plummet down the results sheet faster then a hooker taking off her clothes. I dropping six spots losing the majority of those spots over the last 2km.

A wiped out Coach Brian

Super Sunday Sweep

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James blitzed the Mayday Biathlon in Morganton, NC. He lead wire to tape and set a new 5k run PB in the process. It wasn’t enough that he gapped the field on the run, he also made sure no one got close with the days fastest bike split. His efforts earned him the $125 first place check which amounts to just over $2 per minute of racing. In triathlon speak that’s not too shabby of an earning per minute rate.

Heading south to Florida, Kerry it seems, won the women’s age group race at St. Anthony’s Triathlon for the third time….in four years. The results list her second overall but first in her age group. The person who beat her originally was first overall but got a drafting penalty to end up dropping a spot. Kerry and I were both worried about this race. She changed jobs, changed work schedules an had fair bit of down time during that transition. She managed to get enough work done to get the job done and have a solid race all around.

What do James and Kerry have in common for the year? They’ve both won cash while making the dash to the finish line this season. This is the 8th or 9th year in a row Accelerate 3 athletes have won cash racing.

Five athletes raced this past weekend. Two age group fifth places and an age group sixth place as well as one of those athletes sneaking into the top 20 overall at Duathlon Nationals. A you never even got to see the front of my jersey overall win at the Mayday Biathlon and it appears to be an age group win along with topping the rest of the women’s age group field at St. Anthony’s.

When it came time to produce results, Accelerate 3 athletes stepped up to the line and delivered.

This coming weekend sees Accelerate 3 athletes racing at Ironman St. George, the Iron Gear Sports Triathlon and the White Lake Half.

More Dreams….CRUSHED!

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Another weekend of racing for Accelerate 3 athletes. I think we managed to fill the big shoes Kerry laid before us last week.

Cory completed his first ever 50k race this weekend as he continues his prep for IM St. George. He turned in a bang up race there last year and is on track to do the same again this year.

The Desert Classic Duathlon was this weekend. Last year was a cold, wet affair. This year it poured and was very windy the day before the race making the trails a sloppy mess. Race day, while looking like it would storm, stayed dry and calm until after the finish. Then the temps dropped out of the upper 40’s and the rain came.

Billy and Coach Brian Before the Race

Sarah ran on a relay team taking 3rd place in the relay division. She has a back problem that has sidelined her for the last three weeks and it seems to be clearing up. That’s good news unless you are a female triathlete. Not a bad way to start to get back into some light training.

Billy finished up second in the Mens 45-49 AG. He lead the second group through the first run and moved into second place for good on the bike. You can read his race report here.

Billy in T2

I won the 40-44AG in my first ever masters race! F*ck me, I’m old. When and how did that happen? Typically this AG in AZ is one of the fastest. You have a bunch of former sub 8:45 IM pros and guys who have touched the 1:50 Olympic distance triathlon mark. If you’re not on, you’ll find yourself off the back quickly.

Today though the pace started off kind and gentle to these old legs for the first half of the run. I managed to make the first group in the run as it dwindled from 6 to 5 to 4 to 3. About 10 minutes into the run, my friend Ted dropped the hammer and gapped 2nd and 3rd place. Unfortunately I was in second place. After a surge to drop 3rd place that didn’t work, I found myself falling into 3rd place. Note to self, when in doubt don’t surge. But hey, I guess you can teach and old dog new tricks. On the bike Ted threw a chain and I moved into second place in the wave while taking over the lead in the M40-44 AG. Entering the final run, I was down a bit. About 2k into it, I caught a glimpse of the guy leading the M40+ wave. He had about :45 on me. I managed to claw some time back through the 2.5mile mark. Not much and not enough. I was just over :30 down when we hit a half mile to go. Suddenly the gap started shrinking rapidly. My mind was saying “GO” and “Wait Not Yet You Idiot I’m Hurting” all at the same time. I tried to reel him in. Over the final 150 meters, he was coming back to me faster then the finish line was coming towards us. Closer and closer he came, I went from seeing logos to making out the writing on the logos of his singlet in that final 150m. Alas though I ran out of real estate ending up :12 down, making up a quarter of a minute over the final 200m or so of the race.

What do I have to do to win my wave at this race? Seriously? This is the 5th time I’ve raced this race. This is the third time I’ve finished second in my wave. One other time I finished 3rd. At least I’m pretty safe bet to place or show.

Coach Brian running into T2

In the end I picked up a gift certificate from and some bonus money as well. Not bad for a cold, wet and sloppy day.

The Mess that Becomes Transition

Ironman St. George

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Ironman St. George. Described as one of the hardest IM’s in the world. It claims to have the hardest Ironman run course. Water temps in the upper 50’s, on the bike it’s uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill then the first lap ends and you get to do it again. The run course offers no shelter, no place to hide your weaknesses. If you’ve ridden above your capabilities even a little, the run course will punish you, spank you like a dominatrix never could. It’s been called by other coaches a destination Ironman not a PR Ironman. I call bull crap on that, except maybe the dominatrix part.

If you are prepared and have put in the training then every course offers you the chance to PR. You’ve already met Cory. He is the one athlete I had racing IMSG. A local fellow at that.

He didn’t listen to all the crap about go, have fun and don’t worry about your time. He wore some pink compression socks (I can’t coach and be a fashion consultant to everyone it seems), had over a hundred family and friends lining the course. Put some pressure on himself to have a great race. You know what he did? He went out took all the pressure and kicked it’s ass. Set a PB. By 50 minutes. On a destination IM course. You know what else he did? He closed the race with an IM run PB. So much for going to check out the scenery. Better to throttle the course then have it throttle you.