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A Weekend of Kicking Ass

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This weekend was filled with quite a few firsts for me. It was the first time both of my EU based athletes were in the same city as I was. The highlight of my weekend was meeting Tom and Nick. It’s pretty awesome to finally put faces to email addresses. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me to the expo where I was meeting them. Bad coach. Really bad.

This past weekend was the 70.3 World Championships. Both Nick and Tom raced. It was hot. Very hot. You ended up sweating. A lot. You needed to drink a lot of fluids just to stay upright. Lots of people were falling out. And that was just spectating. I can’t repeat what one pro woman said about the heat but it had a cuss word to describe how hot it was.

Tom crossed the line in 5:07 which last year would have been a PB for him. This year though he has raced much faster over the half distance. Still a solid showing on a day in which he set new PB’s for the highest temps he’s ever raced in.

Nick absolutely smashed it out on the course. He finished as the 9th age grouper on the day and comfortably won the Men’s 18-24 age group. Yeah, it’s totally bad ass, he became an age group world champ! I’m not going to lie, when I saw him rounding the corner for the finish and I knew he was way up there both age group and overall, my allergies may have caused my eyes to have a very brief, tiny reaction.

Accelerate 3, Nick baldwin

Nick Baldwin M18-24 AG World Champ

Another first was taking place down in the hot, muggy depths of Alabama. James and Chad were squaring off to see who would have the fastest bike split at the AL Coastal Triathlon. At the end of the day a string of firsts would happen. James posted the fastest bike split and finished first overall. Chad posted the second fastest bike split and finished second overall.

This is the first time two Accelerate 3 athletes have taken the first two overall podium places at a race. Also the first time that Accelerate 3 triathletes have grabbed the first two bike splits in a race. Not to mention James won $300 and Chad won $200 which makes racing in 100F temps a little better. James and Chad get to square off again at the Rev 3 SC race in October.

Chad Williamson, Accelerate 3

Chad’s check!

All in all, as a coach I couldn’t be much happier about this past weekend. There was a good bit of success, some cash flowing into the hands of my athletes. It’s a reward for these guys for their hard work and dedication. Most people want to dream big, but when it comes time to put in the hard work, most people settle for a smaller dream. These guys have been doing the work. It’s paying off. Good job lads.

70.3 WC Awards

Nick Baldwin, M18-24 champ

A Fast Weekend

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At the Best of the US triathlon, James went seeking redemption from his USAT Nationals race. Miraculously the water temp dropped about 6 degrees overnight, making the swim wet suit legal. James said f*ck it, I’m going with the swim skin. Mainly because he left his wet suit at home. Gun goes off, and one non neoprene dude along with a bunch of wet suit clad guys hop in the water. James ends up pulling the lead group around the course exiting the water in third place overall. He finishes the race in 5th overall with a solid showing all around. I’m pretty happy with his progression this year. There hasn’t been a lot of fancy workouts. Just doing the work day in and day out. His results show what happens when you step up to the plate and make that sort of commitment.

Billy headed out west to sunny CA to race the SuperFrog half triathlon. He grabbed 2nd in his age group and was 27th overall.

Billy cornering at Super Frog half triathlon

I went up to LV and hung out with Sarah, Dusty and his girlfriend Ashley. We watched the LV 70.3 WC’s. All in all watching a triathlon is 100x more boring then participating in one. We also managed to turn $1000 in $2350 in under 25 minutes at the blackjack table. That’s a better ROI then some of the triathletes made by grabbing a podium in the elite race. It’s a World Championship, these are the top triathletes in the world and they are racing for peanuts. It’s a shame that the WC race doesn’t have a WC prize purse.