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Huge Win, Shattered Streak

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Dusty has been on a roll. Three weekends in a row of racing and three top finishes. At the Nautica Malibu Triathlon he won his age group and did his longest run of the year. The next weekend saw him mosey over to Bend, OR for the Leadman 125. After leading the race out of the water, he finished 11th overall, won his age group while doing his longest run of the year.

Dusty Nabor, Accelerate 3 Coaching

Dusty heading into T2

This weekend was the LA Triathlon. Dusty turned in the 2nd fastest swim and bike to hold onto 2nd place in his age group. Three races, 2 age group wins and a second place. Not a bad three weeks of racing. His swim and bike times have been 5-8 minutes faster then previous years over the same courses. He’s looking forward to big things next season, his competition…not so much.

Dusty Nabor, Accelerate 3 Coaching

Dusty grabbing hardware…again.

The Augusta 70.3 race just wrapped up. For the second time this year, Jenny topped the entire age group woman’s field at a 70.3 race. First at the Muncie 70.3 and now at the Augusta 70.3. Of course this means she also won the F30-34 age group, again.

Jenny Leiser, Accelerate 3 Coaching

Augusta F30-34 Age group Winner

This is the first time she’s been able to win in this manner in a long course race. In years past she’d come off the bike near the top of the age group race only to drop down the results sheet on the run. But times are a changing! She not only ran herself up the results sheet, she ran almost 5 minutes faster in a half then she’s ever run before. When pressed from behind she held until the other girl broke. Now maybe those emails worrying about her running will stop.

Augusta 70.3

Trophy says it all!

Big weekend, I mean BIG

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Nick Baldwin won the male 18-24 age group at this weekend’s 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. I’m not sure it gets any bigger then that, well there is one race left for him this season. It could get BIGGER.

A weekend wrap up will be coming in the next few days because this was a weekend of firsts for the Accelerate 3 athletes. Plus I’m in the Vegas airport waiting for a flight back home. Not really the best writing environment if you ask me.

It’s good to be KING!

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Chad Williamson threw a chain, had to stop to put it back on and he still destroyed the rest of the Cat 5 men at the Men’s Cat 5 Alabama State TT Championships. Five minutes. That’s not even close over 40k. Too bad he isn’t a Cat 4 since he would have won that as well. Chad brings home a championship in a 3rd state and this is the 14th or 15th time an Accelerate 3 Athlete has won a state Championship.

Chad Williamson claiming his title

But that’s not the only Accelerate 3 athlete producing good results this past weekend. In Tucson Billy grabbed 9th overall and 2nd in his age group at the Holualoa Tinfoil Triathlon.

Billy Oliver working hard

Heading back east, Doug Tsao used the fastest run split of the day to vault himself from 42nd position leaving T2 into 7th overall and 2nd in his age group at the first ever Mighty Moss Half Iron Triathlon. Doug proved once again that you can never run too fast in a triathlon but you can run too slow.

Doug on the Podium!

Two for One Special

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It’s been a couple of good weekends of racing for Accelerate 3 athletes. Last weekend Tom smashed his half Ironman PB by 11 minutes. Chad woke up after a wedding reception and grabbed 2nd overall in a local 5k and set a new 5k PB.

This weekend Chad crossed the line second overall, smashing the field on the bike at the Buster Britton Triathlon. While he was out in front of the entire field on the bike he received a 2 minute penalty which dropped him off the podium and into winning his age group. Not exactly what you want to find out after you’ve crossed the finish line. It was a solid performance for him but that penalty cost him 8 spots.

Further east James and Jenny picked up a pair of wins at the Tri Latta Triathlon. Jenny currently sits in 7th position with one to two less races then those ranked above her in the IOSNCTS. This win will help James move up the standings where he is now positioned 6th overall. Did I mention this is the second race this week that James won? On Wednesday James set a new AG record at the Lowes TT series.

Dusty had a chilly time over in the Boise 70.3 – some factor for weather, shorter then half Half Ironman. This was his first race back, other then bike races where he has garnered quite a few top 5’s in the cat 5’s, since tearing tendons in his foot.

Rocking at the Races

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It was another busy weekend of racing for Accelerate 3 athletes across the country. That also means it’s a busy weekend of me blogging about their successes at the races.

In California, Jeff destroyed his Wildflower course personal best by 45 minutes. Yeah, you read that correctly, 45 minutes. That’s almost 6 miles ahead of his old self. Talk about kicking your ass. He kicked his and was quite proud of it. He is all systems go for setting a new IM PB this summer.

Elsewhere in CA especially since I don’t know where Wildflower and Piru are in relation to one another, Dusty grabbed 2nd in his category and 4th overall at the Piru TT series race. When not training for triathlons he is turning into quite the bike racer…with a CTL to back it up.

In Knoxville TN, Rev 3 came to town. Chad grabbed 1st in his age group on the back of his 5th fastest overall age group bike split and ended up as the 14th overall age grouper. Not a bad way to kick off the triathlon season.

In NC, Jenny, James and a friend teamed up to smoke the White Lake half race. They went sub 4hr and every member of the team turned in the fastest team split. Notable was James 2:08:58 bike split. It looks like he is showing some of his bike fitness. James turned around and raced the White Lake sprint on Sunday. He earned some valuable IOSNCTS points by finishing 2nd overall. He also earned some good karma points by plucking a cat off the road so it didn’t get run over. He “may” have left some watts out on the road from Saturday’s bike but all in all it was another solid weekend of racing for him.


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It’s the week of Vineman 70.3. Sarah asked me the other day if I was excited about racing. The answer is no. I’m neither excited nor am I dreading it. I do like using neither and nor in sentences though. Indifferent would be the best way to describe it. Could care less how the race goes. Actually I don’t want to bonk. That just makes a long morning longer. Lately though I’ve been indifferent to training. In fact, I’m looking at Vineman as the end of my racing, at least for a bit. At least through the rest of July and August. Maybe the rest of this year, maybe for a few years. There are other things in life that I’ve been engaging in lately that I enjoy that aren’t related to endurance sports. The will to train 2-3 times a day for 14+ hours per week just isn’t there right now.

Besides it’s hot. And I’m no fan of the heat. My gym, here in Tucson sucks ass. It smells a little bit and it’s kept at 80F. I used to belong to LTF in Tempe. It was like going from a country club to a slum. I can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can bail.

In the future, should I race anymore, I think I’m going to schedule July and August as my off season. Then I’ll start working on everything in September again. That gives me plenty of time, if I don’t become a couch potato, to get into decent shape for the late September through early November races.

For the rest of this year, I’m pretty comfortable with not racing anymore. If I should choose to race, since I’ll still workout, not train mind you which is a whole different way of approaching fitness, I should have some horsepower left to do sprints and olympic distance tris. But mainly sprints. 1 hour and done.

If it wasn’t for Jeff talking crap about how much he is going to beat me by at Vineman, and the fact I’m splitting hotel and rental car cost with him, I have a airline ticket and I’ve already dropped my bike off at so they can drive it out to the race, I would stay home. Probably. This registering for a July race 8-12 months in advance really sucks. Who the hell knows how I’ll be feeling in July when I had to register in December because the damn race was almost sold out already. I think next year I’m sticking to non-WTC races where I can register 2-3 months in advance.

So this could be it for racing for a short or long bit. It’s been somewhat of a bumpy road getting to this point but here I am.

The Start of Summer

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It’s Memorial Day weekend. The official start of summer for you non desert dwellers. This usually marks the end of the first month of summer for us. But this year, we are still waiting on our first 100 degree day. Not that I’m complaining. If we have to wait until next year for a 100+ day, no worries Mother nature, keep us waiting. I’m good with that.

It’s also the kick off of a few weeks of racing. Monday is the Sahuarita Triathlon. I’m hoping to improve upon my 6th or 7th place finish from last year. But realistically, I’ll probably finish in 6th or 7th place again this year. The following Saturday is the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival. It’s an awesome weekend of racing up in the mountains of AZ. There is an olympic distance and half ironman on Saturday, then an Xterra triathlon on Sunday. You could get two days of racing in if you had a mountain bike. Plus it has one of the best product raffles of any race anywhere in the world. I’ve seen people win Kuota bike frames, Mavic wheel sets, 2XU wet suits, Zipp wheels and a ton of other stuff. Good times for sure if you win something bad ass like a set of 808’s!

Speaking of mountain bikes, I’m off to to order my Scott Spark 20 mountain bike this afternoon. Best of all it comes in black. You can’t go wrong with a black bike. You’ll be seeing this at a mountain bike race near you next year. Most likely on the ground with a rider tangled up in it. You’ll probably have to look behind you to get a good view of it, unless you happen to be lapping me when I crash. If so please don’t run over me. Please.

Who knew you could special order a mountain bike from I did. And now you do as well.

Nothing else exciting is planned, other then taking my favorite 12yr old out to dinner and to see Shrek in 3D. I hope I don’t cry. It’s embarrassing to cry in front of a 12 year old girl. Not that I would know that. I hope she doesn’t cry either. What do you say to a 12 year old crying over an ogre? It was a lot easier when she was 5 years old and crying. Then a hug could fix anything.

Soma Triathlon

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How did Accelerate 3 athletes do at the Soma Half Ironman?  Not too shabby at all I’d say.

2 athletes racing. The final score?

2 half IM PB’s with 2 run PB’s by huge margins.

Tim was 3rd in his Ag, 19th OV and made an ENORMOUS leap forward in his performance slashing 23 minutes off his Half IM PB.  Did I mention he capped it off with a new PB on the run.

Jeff was 151st OV, 2 min faster then he has ever covered the half distance.  He only ran 7 minutes faster then ever before, including a bathroom break.

Those guys rode each of the three laps on the bike faster then the lap before.  Proper pacing = proper racing. I wonder how many athletes did that on the bike then backed it up with PB type runs?  My guess is that these guys had very little company in this category.

Great job guys!

Antwerp Half – The Race

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WOW!  What an amazing race.  I’ve been fortunate enough to race in 4-5 countries, Worlds 2-3 times, lots of Nationals, several 70.3, other Half Ironmans and even an IM.  I’ve also volunteered at multiple races.  By miles, this was the best run race I can remember.  It was impressive right from the get go.  All RD’s should make the trip over to witness what you should be doing with your registration.  You register, get your chip, bottle of wine, race shirt and number packet at one stop.  No going to multiple tents which seem to be the norm in the US.  Next to registration, they had a huge plasma TV.  It was showing the course maps, what drafting is, what blocking is and how to avoid those situations.  It was more informative then any pre race rules talk I’ve been to.  Races in the US always say they will have marshalls.  But never 15-17 moto’s with refs on them.  I witnessed 2 red cards, 1 black card and multiple verbal warnings when someone was riding on the fence between clean and not so clean.  The course was completely closed to traffic, both the bike and run. Antwerp shut down the tunnel leading from the west bank to the east bank for this race.  The run went through the Grote Market, not once, not twice, but 3 times. This is the place everyone goes to visit in Antwerp. The market is ringed on three sides by cafes and you had to run up a street filled with cafes to get there.  There was cheering, bell ringing, clapping, yelling and the sweet smell of tobacco wafting through the air.
Here are after and before shots:

Was a little nervous before the race seeing all the bike in transition as well as the scooter.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t think I had the fitness I wanted to have going into this race.

The swim went off, and four of us cleared immediately from the start. There were two guys ahead of me and one to my right. Did I mention each wave had a lead kayak? Completely bad ass! A quick glance back confirmed there was no one latching onto us. The guy to my right and I were sharing the draft of the second swimmer. It was pretty clear, I was in over my head. We started shoulder to shoulder, slowly I drifted back to his ribcage, then his hips, next I was staring at his knees and slowly I eased my way onto his feet. What a relief. They were drilling me and I was barely hanging on. Each time I started to lose contact we started to run into traffic, slowing up the lead three and I latched back on. Rounding the last turn, those three sped up, I started doing a 300m TT effort and it was all I could do to only lose about 5-8m by the end of the swim. A quick run up the stairs and to the bikes had me leading the wave though. I think the swim was about 100m short. I’ve never swam faster then 25:10 for 1.9km that 24:42 is far, far above where I’m at.

I’m an idiot. I left my PT head unit in Tucson. No computer and only a watch. It was old school riding, doing math at the km markers. I only saw 40 and 80km though, thankfully as people can attest to, I didn’t have to use my lacking math skills. It was raining, there were several turns, roundabouts and train tracks. I got passed by the guy’s whose feet I was riding and the pace felt sustainable for 2:30 so I kept him ~10-20m in front. I figured when someone passed from our wave, I’d make a decision, to go or stay, when it happens, no need to plan ridigidly too far ahead. About 40min into the ride, we got rolled by number 795. The swimmer dude looked at me shrugged, I shrugged back and we both threw down the hammer. Hit 40k in 1:02 and 80k in 2:01. The cool thing was watching the main pack of elites head back on the loop section and realizing we’d only lost about 200m to them during the loop around a quaint village. Seems we lost more, lots more, about 8 minutes more, elsewhere.

A short pee break later I was all alone, hammering to get back up to the group which had splintered. By transition I had clawed myself back to :10 behind the wave leader. Number 795 was given a red card then a black card. DQ’d – goodbye. You had to be somewhat dumb though for riding 4m off the back wheel with the moto and ref 1m to your left.  Just drop through the line, the white helmet kid was letting everyone back in. There were a few people from earlier waves doing a 300m penalty loop for getting a red card. The announcer was letting people know why they are running around transition.  Pretty cool and an idea I think the USAT/IMNA/WTC should adopt.  Much safer then trying to pull someone over in a group.

Onto the run we started on a old large cobbled street. This run course is brutal to your feet and legs. Cobbles, hard bricks and concrete. My shoes I discovered the day before were dead.  It made for a painful run that couldn’t end soon enough. About 2 min into the run I rolled the guy leading my wave and held that until about 10-12k into the run. I started on a pace I figured I could maintain for 3 loops and never tried to speed up except for when Rutger Beke and 4 other elite’s ran by. I latched onto the last guy for 6 min. The run was uneventful except for getting passed and my feet were glad to call it a day.  Didn’t know how I was going as I didn’t look at my watch except for running out of T2 in 2:44:xx and then just before the finish line. Ended up in a 4:12:08. Rather surprising result and I’m quite happy with the time. Add another :90 to it for the short swim and it’s still one of my faster half ironmans.

There were some other cool things out on the course. AA energy drink in 4 or 5oz little bottles. Grab and go. This race also had different run and bike numbers then US races. Numbers that actually fit on a race belt!  Brilliant!

No more frame sticky numbers that don’t ever come off clean. Or maybe it’s b/c I only clean my bike 1-2x per year. Either way a bad ass idea.

Antwerp 70.3

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The Antwerp 70.3 is coming rather too quickly.  Getting there is half the battle, maybe more.   Packing the bikes was a colussal PIA.  So what does every smart person do when faced with such a huge task.  You punt.  That’s right, I shirked all resposnibilty for packing 2 Luceros, 4 wheels, 3 water bottles, 2 pair of running shoes, 2 wetsuits, 2 spare tubes, 2 helmets, 2 sets of pedals, 2 aero seat posts with seats still attached, 2 timing chip straps, 1 race belt, 1 set of tire levers, 1 pedal wrench, 1 set of torque bits, 1 torque wrench, 1 full size pump w/ the crack pipe attached. This is what one hour of watching bikes magically pack themselves looks like.

But I don’t want you to think I didn’t help.  I did, and my contributions were vital to the success of getting the bikes packed.  The pedal wrench isn’t just going to let itself into the torque wrench case, someone (me) has to manually unscrew the torque wrench case cap, insert said pedal wrench then screw the cap back on. I also placed the timing chip straps and the race number belt in the case.  Oh, and I stuck 1 running shoe in the case.  Without those vital bits of assistance who knows, we may still be trying to figure out that the torque wrench and pedal wrench can travel together and where to stick my racing flat. If it wasn’t my racing flat, I may have punted on that.  But since a pair of running shoes is vital to running, I had to man up and stick the shoe in there somewhere.

As for that race, this was going to be the main race of my season. I wanted to break 4:10 on a legit half IM course.  With all the time being sick and the amount of training time missed, I’m going to be a bit behind that time. About 3.5km behind. No worries though.  I’ll do a bit of sight seeing, drink some beer, walk around a bit, drink more beer, meet some new people and squeeze in a race at some point.  It’s all good, and beer makes it better.