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Another week of racing

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Holy crap life is flying right now. Blog? I have a blog? Well since there were some stellar races last weekend they deserve to be blogged about. Better late then never.

Billy won the M45-49 age group at the Dueces Wild Triathlon Festival by a mere six minutes.

Tom crushed his old HIM PB from last season of 5:01 by going 4:52:48 at the PowerBar Ironman 70.3 in Switzerland. He did this despite some GI issues that forced him to have a seat for a bit during the race. I suspect he has a sub 4:45 in his legs this season.

I managed to drive across most of the country in 2 days. The first day was from Memphis to El Paso. That took 16 hours including an hour for dinner with a friend in Midland, TX. The next day saw me make the drive that google maps said would take 5:01 in 4:25. I guess they didn’t figure on me driving 90-110 mph on the I-10 through NM and AZ. But with all he smoke from the smaller forest fires in AZ blanketing the interstate in NM, I figured the cops had better things to do then give me a ticket.

One thing I noticed is that most of the radio stations in Arkansas and Texas are the big C’s. Country and Christian. Not that there is anything wrong with these types of music. Other then they suck ass and sound like crap. Thankfully I brought my ipod. I was able to put my ear buds in and drive in metal music bliss. I’m not suggesting that you try this, safety first.

Congrats again to Billy and Tom for throwing down good races.

Lifeguard, save me

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I’m drowning. Well not actually, much to at least one person’s dismay. But damn, I’m slow in the pool. Every year I say I’m not going to take much time out of the water. Every year I take time away from the pool. This year I swam 800 yards in 5 months. Now I can’t even hold for 200’s what I used to do repeats on. Tonight’s ended up being all around 2:50 leaving on the 3:00. Last August I was leaving on the 2:40. I guess I better get in lots of swim in the next 17 days. Yikes, 17 days until the first tri of the year.

Part of the reason I stay out of the water is they play country music at the pool (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Not that there is anything wrong with country music. But there really isn’t anything right about country music. Sure I can listen to it in small doses. Very, very small doses. But no, where I swim, it’s country song after country song. That’s just wrong.