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Wrapping up the Trip

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I’ve got some final pics I thought I’d share. The first is taken about 3am Sydney time from 37,894 feet in the sky according to the info United Airlines was giving us. It’s a picture of the sun rising off the starboard wing of a Boeing 747. There weren’t a lot of people awake on the plane at that time, one of the benefits of being an insomniac. This was the second sunrise of the day for me, the first being about 21 hours earlier.

First Light

This is a picture of a Singapore Airline’s Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane. There was an A380 next to a 747 that I tried to get a picture of, but we were moving too fast on the taxi ramp. I was amazed at how much higher the tail of the Airbus stuck up compared to a 747. The Airbus almost dwarfs the 747.

Airbus A380

This was the first sunset I saw in 2011 in the US. I was driving back from Phoenix to Tucson and snapped this picture using the driver’s side mirror. Probably not the safest thing I’ve done in retrospect.

Sunset Over the Highway

I even met a few friends while on vacation. The first is Mr. Salty, the salt water croc.

The Croc

Sydney has a lot of saltwater pools that are next to the beaches. You have to choose your swimming partners very carefully. My friend here, doesn’t like to swim slower then anyone. He told me point blank, “I rule this pool, you go faster then me and I’ll nibble on your toes.” Needless to say I “let” him nip me at the wall.

My Swimming Partner

I was going to take on of these home, but I got stopped at customs. It seems exporting a Koala is a no-no.

Doesn't Fit in the Overhead Bin

My niece wasn’t impressed that it was time to go home.

So Sad

My nephew wondered who he would bake a cake with.

Baking Fun