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Miami Vice or Victory

Posted in Triathlon with tags , , , , , , on October 28, 2012 by brianestover

Fall has arrived, the colors on the trees are changing, a cool breeze is blowing into town. The season is winding down, at least for my North American and EU based athletes. But just because the racing is tapering off, doesn’t mean the results stop.

For the third time this season one of the athletes I coach has finished as the top age group athlete in a 70.3 event. This time it was down in Miami at the Miami 70.3. Upon reaching dry land, Sarah steadily rode and ran her way through her wave and the rest of the age group women. When the dust had settled, she was about a mile ahead of the nearest age group woman.

Who’s #1?

Post race party!

Goodbye Holidays

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The holidays have come and gone. It’s back to the real world tomorrow. Life in the fishbowl is over.

My neighborhood goes ridiculous during the Christmas holiday. Lights everywhere. It took two cranes to get all the trees strung with lights. One guy does a mini Bellagio thing in his front yard with water shooting up 20 yards. Thousands of people stroll through the neighborhood. Every single night for 3 weeks. It’s nuts. Except for drive nights. These are the three nights they allow cars in the hood. My cul de sac turned into a parking lot. No one moved for 15 minutes. It ridiculous, comical, over the top, outlandish and people litter. A lot. My house was underwhelming compared to many. If I could find my camera I’d post pics. On a plus side, I was able to get to know many of my neighbors, never ran out of beer when walking my dog at night and it was interesting to see a thousand people walking around the hood.

I also managed to get in some working out. I ran just over 29.5 miles last week. That surpasses any months total from August through December. That’s right, I ran less then 25 miles each of those months. I rode less then 60 miles each of those months. Half of those rides were beer/mountain bike rides with the neighborhood guys. With one or two exceptions, there isn’t a lot of horsepower in the hood on a bike. But they can drink some beer.

All in all though, I lost a few pounds, feel a lot better if not a bit tired, read a few books, my dog and I walked together roughly 25 miles over the break and best of all, I didn’t do one bit of real work that entire time. My Fed Ex package for tomorrow’s conference call isn’t getting opened until 8am. Let the stress begin then.

Thanksgiving Weekend

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I love Thanksgiving weekend. This is the best holiday of the year. It’s four days off work, there is no pressure like some holidays. You always get Thursday and Friday off. The holiday never falls on a Tuesday like 4th of July. It’s a weekend filled with food, fun, fires, friends, family, dogs and beer. Can’t forget the beer. A case of Guinness never disappears as fast as it does over this weekend. It’s best to have a backup case or two.

This Thanksgiving was the first that I’ve held at my house. My Dad is in town, Sarah and her Mom came over as well as the KGB’s. I fired up the smoker and put on the bird a bit later. I had to make some modifications to the R2D2 smoker to get it fully functional. Nothing a little ingenuity won’t fix. A few bricks here and few bricks there and presto, the smoker is smoking, the bird is cooking and deliciousness will have to wait for five hours or so.

Smoker + bricks = Super Smoker

I may be a bit biased, but that bird tasted damn good. The breast meat was juicy thanks to the brine I soaked it in. The dark meat melted in your mouth. A hint of smoke flavor in every bite. Maybe it was the beer I poured in the turkey, maybe it was the apple juice in the drip pan. Maybe I’m just one bad ass turkey cooker. What ever it was, it was some rather tasty turkey.

Even the dogs had a great time. Sarah brought Sam over and the KGB’s brought Katie over. Chloe had her first big sleep over. By 7pm the dogs were wiped out. I guess when you’re a dog, running around the yard, playing frisbee and tug of war for 7 hours can be tiring. These dogs didn’t move all night long. They just curled up on the dog beds in front of the fire and slept.

Dog Tired

The fire was warm, the leftovers plenty and it was time to play games in front of the fire. I got crushed in Yahtzee…by an eight year old.

Thanksgiving Fire

Before dinner we filled out things that we are thankful for and hung them on the Thanksgiving tree that one of the kids made. Most of us take our health, fitness and well being for granted. Over the past 10 days I’ve been reminded not once, but twice that life is a pretty precious thing. Actually now that I think about it, I’ve been reminded five times this year that life is precious and not to be taken for granted. Just over a week ago in the Philly Marathon, Chris Gleason passed away while racing with about a quarter mile to go. About that same time, Darrell Maxey passed away from complications during heart surgery.

I never met Chris, we’ve only chatted in emails a few times about triathlon stuff and the fact that he looked like my old roommate. Darrell and I used to train and race together some way back when. Here are two guys, really fit, in great shape, healthier then the above average healthy person and now they have both passed away due to heart issues.

Needless to say, it was pretty easy to write what I was thankful for on the Thanksgiving tree.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving Tree

Podium’s Galore

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Accelerate 3 athletes were grabbing podiums all over the US this weekend.

On a very windy day, Sarah smashed the women’s field on the bike, hung on during the run and won by over :30 at the Elephant Man Triathlon!

Rich snagged a 6th in his age group at USAT Age Group Nationals. This is one step up from last year’s age group finish. An uncharacteristic swim put him a little further back then he has ever been. His top four bike and run splits catapulted him through the field.

Billy grabbed 2nd Overall at the first Tri for Acts of Kindness Triathlon in Tucson, AZ.

I crossed the line 7th overall, ended up 6th over all and won my age group at the Elephant Man Triathlon. The guy who finished 5th got a penalty for drafting off me in the bike. That moved me up. I was smashing the entire field in the choppy swim, well, except for the guy on my feet. He nipped me across the swim mat by :03.

Trophy’s this year at Elephant Man were beer and bottle openers! Here we Sarah and I with our winnings!

Cooking With Fat

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I’ve discovered why the country is getting fatter. Cooking shows. Yes, cooking shows. When I was a kid Julia Rogers or Roberts or something with an R and some fat dude, Dom I think, were it. Two cooking shows. Total. On all of television, which was only four channels back then.

Running on the treadmill today at the gym, there were three cooking shows on at once. Out of 6 televisions, 4 had cooking shows. I was almost glad to have the College Baseball World Series on the other two tvs. Almost, because lets face it, baseball is a dumb sport. And boring. In my book it falls in with golf as a skill not a sport.

All I saw on the cooking shows was butter, flour, eggs, butter, heavy cream, more butter, frosting, olive oil, butter and candy. And some sort of sandwich. What kind? I really wasn’t paying that much attention. I don’t think I saw a veggie or piece of fruit on any of the shows. Unless you count the sautéed onions or fried peppers.

I’m not a nutrition expert but all that butter can’t be good for you. I think frying your veggies sort of defeats the purpose of eating veggies. I’m not anti-obesity either. I love obesity. It helps pays my bills.

But all these cooking shows can’t help make the country thinner. Maybe I’ll do a Dinner with Brian cooking show. It can be a commercial break really. Dinner at my place isn’t hard. For the most part it consists of beer, yogurt, a piece of fruit and maybe a handful of peanuts to go along with it. Sometimes two or three beers. Simple, easy and fairly tasty all at once.

Decision made

Posted in Swimming, Triathlon with tags , , , on September 24, 2009 by brianestover

Done.  Over.  Sleeping in. Time to drink beer! My hip hurts, my leg hurts and the thought of 6 more weeks of trying to balance enough training without recovering properly is over-rated. It’s, at least in my opinion, better to heal up, rest up and start the new training cycle in mid-late October for next year.  That actually puts me ahead of where I was going to start it.  So more time to hopefully run lots, swim lots and ride a bit, mainly on weekends.  But after I rest and drink beer.

Antwerp 70.3

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The Antwerp 70.3 is coming rather too quickly.  Getting there is half the battle, maybe more.   Packing the bikes was a colussal PIA.  So what does every smart person do when faced with such a huge task.  You punt.  That’s right, I shirked all resposnibilty for packing 2 Luceros, 4 wheels, 3 water bottles, 2 pair of running shoes, 2 wetsuits, 2 spare tubes, 2 helmets, 2 sets of pedals, 2 aero seat posts with seats still attached, 2 timing chip straps, 1 race belt, 1 set of tire levers, 1 pedal wrench, 1 set of torque bits, 1 torque wrench, 1 full size pump w/ the crack pipe attached. This is what one hour of watching bikes magically pack themselves looks like.

But I don’t want you to think I didn’t help.  I did, and my contributions were vital to the success of getting the bikes packed.  The pedal wrench isn’t just going to let itself into the torque wrench case, someone (me) has to manually unscrew the torque wrench case cap, insert said pedal wrench then screw the cap back on. I also placed the timing chip straps and the race number belt in the case.  Oh, and I stuck 1 running shoe in the case.  Without those vital bits of assistance who knows, we may still be trying to figure out that the torque wrench and pedal wrench can travel together and where to stick my racing flat. If it wasn’t my racing flat, I may have punted on that.  But since a pair of running shoes is vital to running, I had to man up and stick the shoe in there somewhere.

As for that race, this was going to be the main race of my season. I wanted to break 4:10 on a legit half IM course.  With all the time being sick and the amount of training time missed, I’m going to be a bit behind that time. About 3.5km behind. No worries though.  I’ll do a bit of sight seeing, drink some beer, walk around a bit, drink more beer, meet some new people and squeeze in a race at some point.  It’s all good, and beer makes it better.

Back on the Horse?

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Hopefully I’m back to training.  It’s been a long 2 weeks.  Getting sick really threw me for a loop. The first two triathlons of the season were no starts because I was sick.  Today I probably could have raced the CA 70.3 race. It would have been a half assed effort though, as my fitness has really declined.  Even as few as two days ago, I was still dizzy a few times, so all in all I think skipping it was the right call. All the vomiting, losing 10 pounds and the resulting dehydration really threw me for a loop.  

The week before getting sick, analyzing my training data, I was pretty confident there were a pair of good performances in me.  My power numbers were up a bit from the February race.  My 2h 15min power numbers were up quite a bit from late February and I was covering 3 miles in my tempo sessions in the later half of my long runs right at 6 min pace with not too much trouble.

A few more nights of good sleep will help put me back where I need to be.  Knew I needed some serious sleep yesterday.  So I pulled out the sleeping bag, for some reason sleeping in my sleeping bag = being able to sleep. Grabbed the med that scares me a little bit (mainly b/c it has put me down for almost 16 hours once), had a few beers, then a few more last night and followed it with the scary sleeping med. Knocked me out for 7 hours.  Would have been longer but the f*cking cat woke me up meowing for breakfast.  Fed him then passed out for another two hours.  9 glorious hours of sleep. (plus I got in a  short nap today) I think that’s what I need tonight as well. But maybe not so many beers, being able to function in the morning sooner rather then later is good, although that is a result of the meds not five beers 😉

Looking forward to getting in some training tomorrow as well and getting back into a consistent training schedule on Monday. It’s about seven weeks until I race again, plenty of time to get into good shape. It’s just a matter of choosing to do the work.