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Challenge Athletes Foundation – Operation Rebound

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I have a few friends in the military. One of my best friends, a former pro triathlete in fact, who gave up his triathlon career to go back into Special Forces is a hand grenade magnet. Fortunately, after surviving multiple hand grenades exploding in close proximity multiple times in multiple countries, he only ended up losing some blood, a nerve in his hand, and some chunks of thigh and calf muscle. Not all soliders are as lucky as he is. Many soldiers have had one or more of their limbs ripped apart and torn from their bodies by IED’s or gunfire.

While we are at home training these solider/athletes are getting back into sport. But they have an additional challenge that able bodied athletes can not fully grasp. These service men and women have to overcome the additional burden of getting back into sport after losing one or more limbs. Can you imagine having to attach an artificial leg just below your knee in order to go run? I know someone who has to do that. Every run. Every ride. Every single day.

An organization exists that helps soliders adapt and allows them to once again take participate with us in sport. It’s run by the Challenged Athletes Foundation folks. It’s called Operation Rebound.

One of my friends, Eric Reid, who is a XO in a support battalion in the US Army is racing Ironman Hawaii. He has dedicated his race to raising money to support these wounded veterans. To borrow a phrase, “brother can you spare a dime?” Every dime will help.
Go here and help Eric help a solider across the finish line.