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F you UCI

Posted in Triathlon with tags , , , , , , , on February 22, 2010 by brianestover

Thanks for screwing things up (again). You’ve ruined my great plans for new aerobars. All because you can’t get out of your own way while putting arbitrary, at least in my opinion, length x width rules in place. The stupid 3:1 rule. Now the people who make the handlebars I was going to get don’t make them anymore. So instead I’m going to end up with some aero bars that aren’t as aero. Maybe they should be called semi-aero bars instead. Or I could spend 25% more and get aero bars that are as aero. And if I do, I’m showing up at my local time trials and beating down some UCI approved aerobar aerobar riders. I’m a triathlete after all. Rules? I don’t care about no stinking rules.

Rider positions, frame design, aerobar design, frame shapes, they shived the Shiv, took the drink right off the P4, and on and on. Jean Wuthier is an idiot and the UCI can’t even interpret their rules consistently. The UCI would rather have people go slow them come up with ways to make a bike faster. Everyone wants to go faster. Faster riders, setting records draw more media attention and fans. Fans buy more stuff. It’s a positive feedback loop. By their own rules, anything shaped faster then the slowest shape you can design should be illegal.

Maybe I’m just po’d that the great idea I had to put on new aero bars got foiled by some dummies in Switzerland.

On a side note, I tagged a previous post with the word porn. Seems lots of people surf wordpress blogs for that word. I got a ton of hits off that key word. So many in fact, I’m tagging every post with the word porn.
Hell yeah, I’m whoring my blog out!

Here we go..again.

Posted in Triathlon with tags , , , , , , , , , on August 19, 2009 by brianestover

It seems everytime I want to change something on my bike there is a problem.  In the Antwerp 70.3 race, I lost the cap to my rear brake lever.  It’s a vision tech lever mounted on modified vision tech base bars.  Instead of just getting a new brake, I figured lets throw on the perfectly good pair of Zipp Vukas I have sitting around. Why not? My Vukas are defective, thats why not. The rear cable gets kinked when routing it internally reducing brake function by ~50%.  Every time I go to change something, there is a problem. Part of that is my fault for being unsatisfied with much of the stock crap that is out there and part lies with the makers of bike stuff.

It’s rare, at least in my opinion, when company X is going to make base bars, brakes and clip ons that meet my exact needs. Typically I find that it’s rare when I run a complete set up in anything from one maker.  Have SRAM Red, then use the Force front derailleur. Vision tech base bars? Well you are stuck with rattling brakes that lack a return spring. You can use an aftermarket brake that needs to be chopped in length (in my opinion it needs chopping) and still lacks a return spring. I went with the VT brakes and fabricated my own return spring.  VT clip ons?  No way, different brand because in my opinion the VT clip-ons at that time sucked.

But this incompatiblity issue is predominate across the industry.  Want to use a DA BB SRM with a BB30? Get a sleeve for your BB shell.  Want to use Brand Y bars, you need a special tool to adjust them. Want to use Brand Z rims with your 20hole PT?  Nope, it’s proprietary drilled and only two or three hubs, ironically made by Brand Z, can mate to those rims. Want to use this base bar with those brakes? Oh the diameter is different, get a dremel.  Just because I’m picky about the stuff I want on my bike doesn’t mean it should be a pain in the ass to get it to work.  I was this close l———l to getting some Oval aerobars.  To get them set up how I wanted them, I was going to have to buy the bars, brakes and extensions seperate from each other, then buy a proprietary stem cap. Sorry Oval. I’ll hope my defective Zipps will become undefective or I can dremel out my base bars enough to get brakes from a different brand to fit.

My computer is plug n play.  Is Plug n Play too much to ask for from bike equipment?