A Top Tri Blog!?!

What? Really? How did that happen? And how did this blog get ranked so high? Hey, I didn’t believe it at first either.

Here is the list: http://www.triathlontrainingschedule.org/top-125-triathlon-blogs.

How it happened and whatever the forces behind this, I’m pretty surprised, amazed and thankful. This blog is about triathlon, the athletes I coach, their successes, my failures, some damn good triathlon training info, my life in general – well parts of it, along with the occasional sleep drug fueled post. And yeah, most of those posts surprise me in the morning as well. At times it’s quite the window into my world and at other times it’s a good snapshot of where and how Accelerate 3 athletes are racing.

Triathlon Training

Triathlon and Stuff is ranked ahead of some pretty damn good blogs by some pretty damn good people. I actually know several of the authors of the other blogs, a few of them are heavy hitters in the triathlon world. So thank you to Steven at Triathlon Training Schedule, not only for selecting me but for actually going through what has to be hundreds of triathlon related blogs when choosing.

2 Responses to “A Top Tri Blog!?!”

  1. Chad Williamson Says:

    congrats…this is impressive! I usually share your posts about general training with my local club, and it always provides good discussion!

  2. A good read is a good read! Congrats!

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