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Just Another PB

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One week after grabbing 2nd overall in the Double Oak Duathlon, Chad rips off a HUGE 5k PB. He cracked 18:00 for the first time by running a 17:53 this morning at the Rumpshaker 5k. (no I can’t just make up names like Rumpshaker 5k, that’s totally awesome)

What this really says is that if you build your running up to a sustainable level, in his case just over 40 miles per week on average since January, faster running times will follow. It also says that his competitors should be looking over their shoulder if they are ahead of him starting the run.

Triple Three

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Three athletes, three different races and three people grabbing hardware. Good things do come in three’s especially when you add the fastest bike split in the mix.

If it’s late March, it’s Powerman Alabama time. This year saw two Accelerate 3 athletes racing, Rich in the long course event and Chad raced the Double Oak Mountain Duathlon aka the short course event.

Rich grabbed third in his age group, by posting the third fastest run and bike followed by the fourth fastest second run. Even a 4 minute penalty for riding too far left couldn’t drop him out of the top three.

Rich nearing T1

Chad was second overall in the short course duathlon. He ran solidly posting the third fastest runs of the day then laid down the fastest bike split in the race. You can read his race report here.

Chad, 2nd row in the middle, with an A for Awesome on his kit!

Across the country Billy was placing 8th overall and 2nd in his age group in the Tucson TinFoilman Triathlon. His time of 1:01:06 is one of his better times on this course in the last five years. As he gets older he gets faster.

Cutting Down the Family Tree

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I went to sleep last night knowing that my Nana wouldn’t be alive when I woke up this morning. She passed away about 7:30am. It wasn’t unexpected. She had fractured her leg about 5 weeks ago when she was moved to a new nursing home. Her diabetes was not as well controlled at the new home either. The reality is I lost her several years ago. Dementia ravished her brain. I bet an autopsy would find significant amyloid plaque build up in her brain. She’s been battling that beast for at least 6 years now. In many respects, death is a better solution then staying alive.

Nana and I

In the last 13 months, I’ve lost my entire genetic giving tree on the Jastrzemski side of my family. First my Granddad last February. Then Mom on my birthday in July, and now one day short of 8 months later, my Nana.

But in the big picture, I’ve been rather lucky. Not many 39 year olds can say that they still had 3 out of 4 grandparents alive. I got a lot of time with my grandparents, and at 40, while I’m down two, I’m still getting time with one of them. Most of the people I know my age, haven’t had that blessing. The majority of people had at most, two grandparents alive when they were 30.

Goodbye Nana. Say hello to Granddad and Mom for me please.

A Top Tri Blog!?!

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What? Really? How did that happen? And how did this blog get ranked so high? Hey, I didn’t believe it at first either.

Here is the list:

How it happened and whatever the forces behind this, I’m pretty surprised, amazed and thankful. This blog is about triathlon, the athletes I coach, their successes, my failures, some damn good triathlon training info, my life in general – well parts of it, along with the occasional sleep drug fueled post. And yeah, most of those posts surprise me in the morning as well. At times it’s quite the window into my world and at other times it’s a good snapshot of where and how Accelerate 3 athletes are racing.

Triathlon Training

Triathlon and Stuff is ranked ahead of some pretty damn good blogs by some pretty damn good people. I actually know several of the authors of the other blogs, a few of them are heavy hitters in the triathlon world. So thank you to Steven at Triathlon Training Schedule, not only for selecting me but for actually going through what has to be hundreds of triathlon related blogs when choosing.

Doubling Up

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A pair of Accelerate 3 athletes racing and a pair of good results.

Billy, went to the Desert Classic Duathlon. He grabbed 3rd in his age group behind two of AZ’s top age group competitors. He crossed the finish line as the 10th overall finisher in the age group field.

James started his season off just like he did last year, with the W! Coming off three weeks of training in AZ where he racked up some impressive training time, he took his mini van to the Alston & Byrd Corporate Cup 5k. After running a 5:05 first mile and shredding the rest of the field, he was able to cruise in to break the tape.

So far this year, three Accelerate athletes have raced. So far this year, three Accelerate 3 athletes have had three rather good finishes.

Abu BOOM Dhabi Triathlon

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The first weekend of racing for Accelerate 3 athletes in 2012 is in the books. 2012’s first big triathlon of the season, the Abu Dhabi Triathlon has showed us who is in good early season shape. Some of the fastest long course athletes in the world, pro’s and age groupers, made the journey to this race. With cooler temperatures and a wet suit swim, this years race shaped up to be a very fast race.

Nick on the run

Nick started off the season with a great race and a result that is sure to make even more people stand up and take notice of him. He crossed the finish line in the Abu Dhabi Triathlon the second age grouper overall and the winner of the M20-24 age group. He won his age group by nearly an hour. The only age grouper to beat him? One of the best age group athletes at IM Hawaii over the last few years. Here though, Nick closed the gap significantly that has historically existed between them.

Congrats Nick on a great finish and setting the bar high for the rest of the Accelerate 3 athletes.