Bummed Knee

I’m amazed that my MRI got approved so fast. I’m disappointed the first available MRI slot is on Thursday. Guess I’ll have to wait until then to see if my meniscus is torn.

Crashing your mountain bike by having the back wheel slide out and get ahead of the front end, then you pitch backward while twisting = a tad bit painful. Tried to run this morning, knee swollen and hurts like it did 3-4 days ago. Awesome. Not really since it’s hard to detect sarcasm at times online.

So fingers crossed that my pain is due to bruising from the crash and hyper-flexion of the knee and not due to soft tissue damage.

5 Responses to “Bummed Knee”

  1. Fingers crossed for you. And I dislike the green…

  2. Uhg…..hope you’re not messed up….

  3. Worst thing about mountain bike crashes is that normally you can’t blame someone else.

  4. Well that really does suck!! I’ve been there w/MTB crashes. Hope your knee parts are just inflamed and no serious damage done.

  5. Which knee? Remember last summer when I was having problems? Well I got a diagnosis. MCL strain…no tear, no swelling, just pain. The remedy is little to no running. Can bike and swim though so not all bad.

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