Dusty strolled over to the Nautica Malibu Triathlon this past weekend. On the whole he had a pretty good race even if he strayed off course in the swim. He rolled in T2 as the first biker in from his age group. Being closer to the finish line then your competitors is never a bad position to be in. Very late in the run, in the last km in fact, he gets passed for the lead in his age group. The string snapped with about 400m to go putting him down :12 at the line. All in all, considering he lost about four months at the beginning of this season to running, he should be pretty happy with how things are turning out. His age group competitors probably not as happy. His swim and bike are near the front of his age group almost every race he does. Once his running comes around, look out folks.

You can read his report here.

James was part of a relay. Not to bore you with race results, but he was 1 minute faster this year then last. Over 14 miles. That’s not insignificant.

That’s it for racing this weekend. Only a few more weeks left in the season for everyone. I think you’ll be seeing some good results in a multitude of races in October.

One Response to “Outsprinted”

  1. A few weeks left in the season? Yea, right! 😀

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