It’s Been a Bit

Blog? What Blog? With everything going on, I’ve neglected this blog, well it’s not the only thing I’ve neglected.

Hopefully I still have 17 or so readers and if you are reading this I’ve got several things in the que that I’m working on. Some of the things to look forward to is the second round of wet suit testing. The testing got cut short but I’ve got some data points for you to look at. The next few editions of The Track is Not the Answer series are upcoming. I’ll probably do a condensed race report blog. Needless to say there have been some great performances including a couple more top 3 overall placings.

Stayed tuned.

One Response to “It’s Been a Bit”

  1. Other than the fact that the track is AWESOME, I cant wait for the rest of the The Track is Not the Answer series!

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