Bittersweet Day

It’s finally over, the race has been completed. Mom passed away about 6 this morning while Dad was pulling his shift at the hospital. Today happens to be my 40th birthday as well. Now this day will will have extra special meaning for me.

Mom thank you for everything though the years. Ill miss you.

7 Responses to “Bittersweet Day”

  1. Bittersweet indeed. I’m glad it’s over for you. Happy Birthday! Time for a new chapter.

  2. I am sorry for your loss, I hope she went with as little pain as possible.

    Happy Bday Mr Stover!

  3. Peter Hughes Says:

    Sorry to read about your loss…keep well mate.

  4. You have my condolences. Sorry pal.


  5. Sorry for your loss….

  6. Billy O Says:

    Just read this, sorry to hear this Brian. Condolences from Regina and I.

  7. Oh, guy… I’m so sorry! I’ve been very MIA from blogging and reading blogs, but I wanted to check in a couple of my favorite people and you were first.
    BIG hugs and a Happy Birthday (ya old fart).

    Shoot me an e-mail soon. Clearly we have some catching up to do!

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