Duathlon Nationals Pictorial

I’d like to thank Tom and Sarah at Trisports.com for posting and or sending me these pics from Duathlon Nationals 2011. It really as a great race, rather competitve and the fields were tightly packed. For instance :24 separated the 7th fastest and 16th fastest bike split. 17:05 on the first run had you in 11th place on the overall. Run one minute slower and you were sitting in 35th place.

They say one picture is worth a thousand words. That is much better then me typing a thousand words.

Thank you again to those who took the pics.

Men 40-49 50 meters into the race

M40-49 at 1.5 miles

Brian Stover 1st loop on the bike.

Francois Modave 5th fastest bike split

Billy Oliver's spiffy yellow bike

Scott Schraff and his pink socks

One Response to “Duathlon Nationals Pictorial”

  1. whos the little guy in white??? I know we will flame me for that one 😉 Nice work guys!

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