No Need to Panic

Why panic? Just because I’m racing this weekend at the Marquee Triathlon and then again next Saturday at the Phoenix Triathlon isn’t a reason to panic. I could list the reasons to panic such as:

1. I don’t have a wet suit. Ok that’s not entirely true. I have a wet suit, with a few holes and several tears. So technically while I have a wet suit I don’t have a wet suit to race in. Just because I don’t have a wet suit isn’t a reason to panic. I mean it’s Thursday and the race isn’t until Sunday. No worries. Plenty of time to get a wet suit.

2. I’ve ridden my TT bike for a total of 34 miles. And that’s since November 1. November 1 of 2010. Clearly no reason to panic there.

3. I ran with Ted last Saturday for a casual 7 mile run that turned in 9.2 miles going up huge, steep hills at an rather unreasonable rate of speed and tweaked my hamstring. Actually I tweaked my hamstring running downhill in the sandy wash but let’s not split hairs. It’s not a reason to panic. Nor is the fact that it still hurts when I walk. Nope, no panic there. Ok maybe a little panic with that one. But just a little. And by little I mean it’s just a tiny nagging thought that runs through my head all day long like a fire truck siren blaring 5 feet from your ear.

4. Between all the not running I’ve done this week and the Naproxen I’ve taken I’m sure it could possibly be better by Sunday right? And by Sunday I mean Sunday morning just in case my body decides to read this.

5. Just because there are some really fast guys registered isn’t a reason to panic is it? Did I mention a few of those guys have way faster then me run PB’s. Nope, not a reason to panic.

6. Some of those same guys are really strong cyclists as well. Another reason to not panic.

Now lets list all the reasons I shouldn’t panic.

1. I’ve swam 40km this year! That’s 30km more then this point last year. That’s actually a reason for some of them to panic!

2. My biking power/weight ratio has increased since my last race. All due to increases in power. Maybe I can drop a few kg’s by Sunday. 5kg or so should do it.

3. I’ve got nothing else. Clearly a reason to revert back to panic mode.

4 Responses to “No Need to Panic”

  1. Haha….PANIC, PANIC!

  2. Who needs a wetsuit?

  3. ummm, is like, do as I say (you as I) and not as I do? Yeah, run the back to backs…let me know if you can walk afterwards. 😉

  4. Quite crying like a little girl and HTFU!!!!! :)~

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