The Baddest, Bestest, Coolest TT helmet….EVER

That’s right my freshly painted TT helmet is totally 110%, nothing else comes close badass. If it were a stereo, 11 wouldn’t be loud enough. It’s that badass, and more badass then your badass custom painted helmet (you know who you are)!

I recently got my TT helmet back from the Scott at AZ Pro Fiberglass. I believe this is the 4th helmet he has done.

The reason it was getting painted in the first place was because some of the University of Arizona Tricats made fun of it’s bright, neon green color on Facebook. Not being on Facebook myself, it was a few days before someone told me. I think the TriCats were just pissed I made up the 4 minute stagger before the halfway point in the bike. TriCats my ass. With racing like that they should be called the TryKittens.

The Before Color

I could rave for hours about the skull on each side, the eye’s glaring at you, the fade, or the smoke trails coming off the front. But instead of reading about all the kick assness my TT helmet now is, you can just gaze upon the most badass TT helmet you’ve ever seen.

After, front shot

Side shot

So pretty

This is what most will see as I pass you

Most common view in races

3 Responses to “The Baddest, Bestest, Coolest TT helmet….EVER”

  1. that is bad-ass, better than what color it was before 😉

  2. I liked the old color!


  3. I didn’t think “fishes” ever passed anybody?? Looks pretty nasty, not gonna lie.

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