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It’s Just Not Fair

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It’s just not fair to others. While it’s atypical to have this many athletes racing during this time of year, it’s not atypical of them to grab good results. For the third weekend in a row an Accelerate 3 athlete grabs a podium. This time James grabs THE top spot!

James notched Accelerate 3’s first overall win of the season at the Donaldson Center Road Race. About eight miles into the 35 mile race, he sticks his nose in the wind to intitiate a 3-man break. Normally when a 3 man break goes 8 miles into a Cat 4 road race, it’s coming back. Unless of course you’ve got James doing more then his fair share of the work. Then it stays away. With the three of them clear of the group, it comes down to the final sprint. It’s always easier to sprint against two other people then twenty James proves.

Free Speed

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Here is a good article on taking care of the details in order to go faster on the bike.

1 poor bottle choice, but clean lines for racing otherwise

There was a section in this article that reminded me of the guy I saw at last weekend’s Desert Classic Duathlon, in fact I see people like this at every race. He was riding a Cervelo P2. Frame bottle, behind the seat bottle, a couple of co2’s hanging off the rear behind the seat water bottle carrier as well. Making matters worse was his vertical between the bars bottle placement with it’s very tall straw. I bet he wondered why everyone was passing him and his no longer aero aero bike.

Read the article, think about your bike in racing mode. Can you clean it up any? You do all this training to go 10-15 watts faster. You can gain that by paying attention to details.

More Dreams….CRUSHED!

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Another weekend of racing for Accelerate 3 athletes. I think we managed to fill the big shoes Kerry laid before us last week.

Cory completed his first ever 50k race this weekend as he continues his prep for IM St. George. He turned in a bang up race there last year and is on track to do the same again this year.

The Desert Classic Duathlon was this weekend. Last year was a cold, wet affair. This year it poured and was very windy the day before the race making the trails a sloppy mess. Race day, while looking like it would storm, stayed dry and calm until after the finish. Then the temps dropped out of the upper 40’s and the rain came.

Billy and Coach Brian Before the Race

Sarah ran on a relay team taking 3rd place in the relay division. She has a back problem that has sidelined her for the last three weeks and it seems to be clearing up. That’s good news unless you are a female triathlete. Not a bad way to start to get back into some light training.

Billy finished up second in the Mens 45-49 AG. He lead the second group through the first run and moved into second place for good on the bike. You can read his race report here.

Billy in T2

I won the 40-44AG in my first ever masters race! F*ck me, I’m old. When and how did that happen? Typically this AG in AZ is one of the fastest. You have a bunch of former sub 8:45 IM pros and guys who have touched the 1:50 Olympic distance triathlon mark. If you’re not on, you’ll find yourself off the back quickly.

Today though the pace started off kind and gentle to these old legs for the first half of the run. I managed to make the first group in the run as it dwindled from 6 to 5 to 4 to 3. About 10 minutes into the run, my friend Ted dropped the hammer and gapped 2nd and 3rd place. Unfortunately I was in second place. After a surge to drop 3rd place that didn’t work, I found myself falling into 3rd place. Note to self, when in doubt don’t surge. But hey, I guess you can teach and old dog new tricks. On the bike Ted threw a chain and I moved into second place in the wave while taking over the lead in the M40-44 AG. Entering the final run, I was down a bit. About 2k into it, I caught a glimpse of the guy leading the M40+ wave. He had about :45 on me. I managed to claw some time back through the 2.5mile mark. Not much and not enough. I was just over :30 down when we hit a half mile to go. Suddenly the gap started shrinking rapidly. My mind was saying “GO” and “Wait Not Yet You Idiot I’m Hurting” all at the same time. I tried to reel him in. Over the final 150 meters, he was coming back to me faster then the finish line was coming towards us. Closer and closer he came, I went from seeing logos to making out the writing on the logos of his singlet in that final 150m. Alas though I ran out of real estate ending up :12 down, making up a quarter of a minute over the final 200m or so of the race.

What do I have to do to win my wave at this race? Seriously? This is the 5th time I’ve raced this race. This is the third time I’ve finished second in my wave. One other time I finished 3rd. At least I’m pretty safe bet to place or show.

Coach Brian running into T2

In the end I picked up a gift certificate from and some bonus money as well. Not bad for a cold, wet and sloppy day.

The Mess that Becomes Transition

The Dream Crushing has Begun

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The first race is in the books for an Accelerate 3 athlete. It went rather well if you were to ask me.

You’ve read about Kerry’s running prowess on previous blogs. You know, stuff like the 8th fastest female run time at a 70.3 including elites, 3rd fastest run time at another half ironman triathlon in Florida including men, women and elites. She has gone well under 3:00 for the marathon.

Today at the Suncoast Classic Race for the Kids 5k she placed 3rd overall for the women in 18:57 bringing home $75 for her efforts! Too bad I can’t post a pic of her from today, but when you’re clocking 6:06 per mile, it’s hard for a camera to capture your image.

Kerry has thrown down the gauntlet for this year. Those are some pretty big and speedy shoes to fill.

From Bad to Worst

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Moving sucks, which I’m doing right now. But what makes it even worse is my Granddad is about to die, 2-3 days max left. I had my final phone conversation with him this morning. It was rough, for both of us. He could barely talk, he sounded so weak, weaker then I’ve ever heard another human sound, he sounded defeated and that he knew death is hours away. That was the toughest phone conversation I’ve ever had. But in the end, death will claim us all. I tried to convey what he meant to me, I told him I loved him and thanked him for always being there, teaching me how to read, mediating between my Mom and I when we didn’t get along very well, offering to let me live with them if needed, thanked him for living for so much longer then his docs thought and for being such a big part of my life. He has even outlived some of his doctors. The ravages of time take us all. After four or five different types of cancer, CABG x5, CABG x4, multiple heart attacks I never thought I’d see 30 and still have him around, much less approaching 40. He has been given last rights more times then I can remember. He always manages to pull through. But time will be the exception.

For 15 years I knew this day would come, knew I’d never see him again or speak to him, knew he would never be there one more time. It’s no easier, even though I’ve collapsed on the floor in shambles of his impending death more then once after the final phone call or visit. This time, it’s for real. And it sucks.

I love you Granddad I wish I could hug you one more time.