You’re so 2010

It sucks to be stuck in 2010 doesn’t it? Some of us are already into next year. We’re leaving you behind. You’re living in the past. Literally. Get with the program, 2010 is so last year. While most of you are going through your morning routine, I’m going to bed for the first time this year. Have a great New Year’s Eve.

Before I go to bed, I’ll leave you with some images of this year’s fireworks, Sydney style.

Now that I’m awake, I’ve added a couple more pics for those of you still living in last year.(forgive the shaky camera work please)

3 Responses to “You’re so 2010”

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend!!

  2. Soon you will be back in the land of reality! Hope you are in a dry area of Oz.

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