Sun and Fun

The Beach. Sun, sand, warm temps and cool water. What better paradise is there? I’m about to try another country to see if there is something better.

My little nephew, while not the biggest fan of the cold water, loves the sand. Or more precisely loves to play with his digger in the sand. He dug holes for two hours. Talk about self sufficient.

Today we went to a Christmas party. Once there we went lawn bowling barefooted. Bare feet, sun, beer, grass under your toes and bowling. Now that’s a Christmas Party! To cap it off, on the way home we got to witness one of my niece’s infamous meltdowns. I’ve heard about these from my parents and from her parents, I’ve even seen some little breakdowns here and there. Today though, the ice melted, the tears flowed, the sniffles came and went and came back, she was gasping for breath and wailing. Oh my the wailing was impressive. Her parents on the other hand, weren’t as impressed with her ability to cry as I was. In the course of the car ride, she had her blankie and her dolls taken away for a couple of days. Haha.

Now the only thing left is to figure out my beard thing that I’ve got going on. It’s beyond fuzzy, but not Taliban style. It’s itchy and scratchy. When I run, it seems to collect sweat at a much greater rate then I’m used to having on my face. Right now, the internal debate is raging. To shave it all off, shave just my neck cleaning it up or let it grow Taliban style. Option 3 would be good, but I’m not sure I can handle the scratchy scruff. Not a grey hair on my head. Now I know where all my grey grows. Maybe I’ll just go with a mustache.

2 Responses to “Sun and Fun”

  1. keep the scruff. 😉

  2. Dude, let the beard take over for the remainder of your trip. Return home and shave the sweetest porn ‘stache in history.

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