Smashing Silverman

Billy smashed Silverman, coming in third in the M45-49 AG and finishing 18th overall! He crossed the line in 11:48:53. Then instead of texting me right away how he finished like I asked him to, he went to the medical tent for an IV. Unbelievable.

What more can you say about an awesome performance like that? How about things like three or four years ago when I took over his training, he wouldn’t have gone this fast on an flat, easy ironman course. How’s that for improvement? He threw down a negative split on the run. He turned in the eighth fastest bike split of the day. He had the fastest T1 out of the top 30 finishers. At age 46 he is faster then when he was 36, across all distances. This is the second Ironman in a row he has turned in an excellent race.

No matter what you say, it’s an awesome way to end the season!

3 Responses to “Smashing Silverman”

  1. So what am I going to have to do to get you to coach me? Will you take a golden-doodle in trade?

  2. brianestover Says:

    Only if it’s housebroken!

  3. She won’t shit on your carpet, but if she’s pissed at you she will barf on your bathmat. On second thought, your have that cat that’s pushing 45 lbs. Molly dog might get her ass kicked.

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