Preventing Grrrrrrrr

How often are you out training and the conversation turns to which shoes you like or which wheels you like? How often does your training partner say “You need to try this stuff, it’s awesome!” How often do you think about the gear you use?

If you are like most triathletes, you think a lot about the gear you are using. You research online to check prices and availability, maybe you even go to a bricks-n-mortar store to touch the product. You see if any of your friends are using it. Then you have to make the decision. Do I buy this widget or not? You open up your wallet. Mr. Visa comes out. The clerk swipes your card. A few days later you find out Brown did do something for you. You rush into the house with a hello to the spouse, you rip open the package, grab the latest widget, run back down the stairs yelling out “I’ll be home later, see you.” You love your widget you just bought! It’s awesome, it’s shiny, it has that new widget smell. You inhale the scent happiness. For about two weeks. Then you find out your widget is not what you thought it was.

The latest and greatest isn’t the greatest after all. You’ve been robbed, you scream. But no one hears. We’ve all been there. It sucks. Sucks ass.

Well my friend, I’m going to try to prevent that, one widget at a time. Coming soon to this blog will be product reviews. You are going to get the good, the bad and the pretty, pretty ugly if that is what it really is. I’m not getting paid to write reviews, I’m not beholden to anyone. I’ve got no dog in this fight other then helping you make an informed decision. (If you are fighting dogs, bad person.) Stay tuned folks, I’ve already got two products in mind. One I’m very happy with and one product that my happiness has decreased in tandem with utilization of this product.

2 Responses to “Preventing Grrrrrrrr”

  1. too funny too true. Looking forward to your reviews, as long as its good products..dont need any reviews on depends 😉

  2. The good product. Body Glide.
    The bad product. Compression Socks.

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