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Doing It Again and Again

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Most people wish they could win one race per year, in fact even for most pro triathletes that would be a pretty good season if they got a win. Billy has won two races this year and claimed two more second places overall. Today in Sierra Vista, at the Third Annual Sierra Vista Firefighters Biathlon Billy stays close to the leaders on the 5k run, keeping himself in striking distance of the lead. Then he hops on his trusty yellow Felt B12 and throws down a bike split that moves him from third up to first overall. Since it’s a biathlon, there was no second run. Billy was able to cruise across the finish line with a comfortable 1:40 margin of victory. Hardly worth the effort of putting the race wheels on. This should give him a confidence boost going into Silverman next Saturday.
Billy heading into T1

Bigger IS Better

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We have all heard the old adage bigger is better. While not always the case, when it comes to the Genuine Innovations Top Dog Legend floor pump, the adage holds true.

Yes, believe it or not, I am doing a product review on a floor pump. While not exciting like a disc wheel, a good floor pump is essential to cycling and triathlon. The average floor pump stands about 26in tall with a 38 inch long hose and a pump head adapter that is about 1.5 inchs long and has two air openings. One for presta valve and one for schrader valve. The Top Dog Legend has a 48in long hose, a 3 inch long adapter head and only one air valve that does double duty for both types of valves. The top dog takes a tire from flat to 110psi in 20 pumps, it took my other floor pumps 29. Both the longer hose and higher volume of air per pump should be positives if you are tech support facing a long line of people needing air.

There is a top mounted gauge making it easier to read. The longer hose allows you to inflate more tires with out relocating the pump. This would be especially handy at races where transition space can be at a premium or you have multiple bikes and wanted to inflate all the tires with out moving. For stability the base is a mix of plastic and metal. Most floor pumps come with just plastic bases.

It’s nice to not have to bend over so far to pump tires, it’s nice pumping them up in less time. The gauge is very easy to read and the dual valve head is a plus. But as nice as it is, and as much as most other pumps are mediocre, is it worth paying 2-3 times what a normal pump costs? Probably not, well maybe double. It is a rather sweet floor pump, but not triple. Would I go out and buy this pump if my only floor pump broke. At the right price or faced with crappy pumps, damn right I would.

Preventing Grrrrrrrr

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How often are you out training and the conversation turns to which shoes you like or which wheels you like? How often does your training partner say “You need to try this stuff, it’s awesome!” How often do you think about the gear you use?

If you are like most triathletes, you think a lot about the gear you are using. You research online to check prices and availability, maybe you even go to a bricks-n-mortar store to touch the product. You see if any of your friends are using it. Then you have to make the decision. Do I buy this widget or not? You open up your wallet. Mr. Visa comes out. The clerk swipes your card. A few days later you find out Brown did do something for you. You rush into the house with a hello to the spouse, you rip open the package, grab the latest widget, run back down the stairs yelling out “I’ll be home later, see you.” You love your widget you just bought! It’s awesome, it’s shiny, it has that new widget smell. You inhale the scent happiness. For about two weeks. Then you find out your widget is not what you thought it was.

The latest and greatest isn’t the greatest after all. You’ve been robbed, you scream. But no one hears. We’ve all been there. It sucks. Sucks ass.

Well my friend, I’m going to try to prevent that, one widget at a time. Coming soon to this blog will be product reviews. You are going to get the good, the bad and the pretty, pretty ugly if that is what it really is. I’m not getting paid to write reviews, I’m not beholden to anyone. I’ve got no dog in this fight other then helping you make an informed decision. (If you are fighting dogs, bad person.) Stay tuned folks, I’ve already got two products in mind. One I’m very happy with and one product that my happiness has decreased in tandem with utilization of this product.

Sickest Bike Ever

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I’m so jealous. Sarah got to ride the first Scott Plasma 3 available for consumer purchase in the US. got a few of them in the other day. Before any other retailer in America actually. Look at this bike. It’s sexy, it’s aero, it has two water bottle frame mounts and it comes in black. Black! There is no better lack of color for a bike. Ever. I think I’m in Lust!

How can you look at this bike and not want to get it? I can’t wait to see it in person. When Sarah told me she was going to ride it today before anyone else, I was a little upset. I wanted to be the first. Just because she is the marketing director doesn’t mean I can’t be the first to ride it. I’m going to have to have a chat with her coach about this. Oh wait.

So here you go, lust over it, buy one for yourself, buy one for me. I’ll even go 50-50 with you and we can share it.

Total Bullshit

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Or another title could be the BS Call of the Day.

Today was the third race in the Tucson triathlon series. Since this race takes place in a pool there are 10 waves. The RD made a bullshit decision any referee would be proud of. After eight waves had already gone off the RD banned swim skins for the remaining two waves. That’s right, in the middle of a race, the RD said wear them and get DQ’d. Several people in waves 1-7 wore swim skins. The RD basically unleveled the playing field for the fastest two waves of racers. Complete bullshit in my opinion.

I didn’t let that stop me from posting one of my slowest swims ever for this race. No sir. I got lapped not once but twice by the fastest swimmer in my heat. Yikes! But that’s ok. Hopped on the Transition and right away I started reeling people in. In just under 10k I had ridden through the field and into the lead. By the end of the bike I was about 1:15 up on second place. (AP 254/NP260). On the out and back 1.5miles into the run, I saw the gap was :35 on second place and started freaking out. Holy crap that dude was running fast. My mental math told me I was going to get run down if I didn’t pick it up. Took me a few seconds to realize I should double that gap. He was headed out and I was headed back. Bad math skills. I should be spanked.

At the end of the day I won the race, won the 2010 Overall Series Championship and earned some bonus money. And it’s only day 2 of my 3 day weekend!

A(nother) National Champion!

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Accelerate 3 Coaching welcomes another National Champion into the fold!

Sarah continued her winning ways by smashing the rest of her age group by 1:25 and finishing third overall at the Halfmax National Championship in Myrtle Beach, SC!

Due to e. coli in the water the RD was forced to cancel the swim race morning. Athletes lined up for the TT style start. Every 3 seconds an athlete raced from waters edge to T1, grabbed their bikes and headed out on the windy bike course.

Sarah laid down a perfectly executed bike split putting 5 minutes into (AP188/NP190) second and third place. With a nasty blister forming under the ball of her foot, she did enough early in the run to move into her age group lead and stay there with little pressure from the girls behind her.

Sarah brings home the fourth or fifth National Age Group title won by Accelerate 3 Athletes.