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Podium’s Galore

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Accelerate 3 athletes were grabbing podiums all over the US this weekend.

On a very windy day, Sarah smashed the women’s field on the bike, hung on during the run and won by over :30 at the Elephant Man Triathlon!

Rich snagged a 6th in his age group at USAT Age Group Nationals. This is one step up from last year’s age group finish. An uncharacteristic swim put him a little further back then he has ever been. His top four bike and run splits catapulted him through the field.

Billy grabbed 2nd Overall at the first Tri for Acts of Kindness Triathlon in Tucson, AZ.

I crossed the line 7th overall, ended up 6th over all and won my age group at the Elephant Man Triathlon. The guy who finished 5th got a penalty for drafting off me in the bike. That moved me up. I was smashing the entire field in the choppy swim, well, except for the guy on my feet. He nipped me across the swim mat by :03.

Trophy’s this year at Elephant Man were beer and bottle openers! Here we Sarah and I with our winnings!

1000 miles

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Kerry on an off day by all accounts, still managed to snag 6th Female Overall and 2nd in her Age Group at theSand Key Triathlon in Clearwater, Fl. She was forced to come to a complete stop on the bike when a car decided to cut in front of her. Bad driver, no soda and hot dog for you.

My tendinitis has cleared up enough for me to begin running….again. I finally crossed over 1000 miles of running for the year this past week. It’s never taken me this long in a year to accumulate 1000 miles of running. Never. Pathetic, but not as pathetic as my swim total which isn’t even up to 100,00 yards since October 1. Of 2009.

The next three weekends should be interesting. First up is the Elephant Man Triathlon, then the next weekend, my sponsor, gave me an entry to the USAT Halfmax Championship Triathlon, then the following weekend, gave me another entry to the Tucson Tinfoilman Triathlon. I’m sitting 3rd overall in the series standings about :40 seconds behind first place. Plus it never sucks getting comp’d entries. Thanks!

The other exciting thing about Elephant Man is I’ve got a total of three athletes racing. I expect very good races from my two athletes. I’d normally expect a good race from myself. But with at most 35 miles of running in the last month, well you can see where I’m going with that. About the best I can hope for is to crush the swim like last year then hang on for a top 10 overall finish on the run.

Sam, the hiking machine?

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This past Friday I got done with work early so Sarah and I loaded Sam up to take him to Mt. Lemmon for a hike.

Sam is 130 pounds of thundering mass. Goes from walking to full tilt in the snap of the fingers. When he runs, dirt flies everywhere, the ground vibrates as he thunders past, jowls flapping in the wind, exposing his rather large and shiny teeth from across the yard. Of course if you’ve never seen this then you 1. Don’t have a 130 pound Great Dane and 2. need a bigger yard if you do have a Great Dane. He also goes from full tilt to dead tired in about 4 minutes. I’ve seen him run, I have no idea why we took him on a hike.

Shortest hike of my life. Sam made it maybe 1km into the trail. Maybe. When you are 130 pounds of Great Dane though, that might be good. That was it, we stopped to get the water bottle out for him and he layed down. Done. Finished. Dog tired.

His Tongue Meter (highly scientific tool to evaluate if a dog is tired) was hanging out. I’ve never seen a tongue that big before on a dog. Or a human. Imagine French kissing that.

Maybe a nice swim in one of the many pools still left near the top of Mt. Lemmon would cool him off. All dogs love water, at least the last few I’ve owned did. Nope. Turns out he is afraid of water. Stuck his paw in and said “hell no, it’s cold”.

Still turned out to be an awesome afternoon. You can’t beat a short hike then a nap with your feet dangling in a pool of cold water.