Good and Real Bad

The good news is Rich used the fastest run of the day at the Blalock Lakes Triathlon to run himself into a podium position grabbing 3rd overall. it was pretty tight for the top 4 spots. Only :28 separated 1st from 4th overall. It’s better to have the best run in the field in that situation.

I raced the Deuces Wild Triathlon put on by up in the White Mountains of AZ.

The swim went well, cleared the main pack rather quickly, but couldn’t hold any feet after the first turn. That didn’t stop four others from lining up on my feet for the rest of the swim. Happy to help fellows. Speaking of deuces, that describes the rest of my race. In fact it was so bad, I set a new standard for going slow. My slowest Olympic distance triathlon. Ever. In my life ever. Yet I still won my age group. Utterly amazing.

Best thing was winning a ton of swag from Genuine Innovations. Check out this haul!

2 Responses to “Good and Real Bad”

  1. mountaincoffee Says:

    winning it?

    can’t you just call up marty and ask for that stuff?

  2. mountaincoffee Says:

    uh,,,, mva…commenting with some “other” account.

    what the hell is mtn coffee???

    hmmmm, computer was borrowed last week.

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