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It’s here, it’s hot and it’s starting to get humid with the monsoons building up. It’s my least favorite time of year. Yes, I know that runs counter to about 95% you guys, lets see 11 readers 95% too much math for me. So one other person doesn’t like summer. I’m sure if I lived on the east coast I’d like summer. And I like summer in Tucson much much better then I liked summer in Phoenix.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the longer days, sun peeking up at 4:30 in the morning. Especially since this causes a chain reaction. My alarm cat goes off, I have to throw something at him. He then goes on snooze. Five minutes later he goes off again. Now I have to get up, walk across my room and shut the door. Sleeping is supposed to be lazy, you should be able to do it laying down. Not listening to some stupid cat beg for breakfast.

I like the fact that I can go swim at 6pm get out of the pool 45min later and it’s still light. There is something to be said about not freezing in the water or on the deck before and after I swim.

Love being dehydrated. I work in and out of my car. About the time it cools down from 120 degrees I get back out of it. About the time it gets back to 120 I get back in it. Repeat this for the duration of my day. Joyous. Really. Not. Even 2L of water through out the day can’t keep me hydrated. It was 2 days ago the last time I peed and 2 days ago since my headache started. Makes me wonder if they are related.

I love running in 85F temps. At 5:45 in the morning. It’s freaking awesome. Try it some time. Outside workout in the evening? F*cking are you crazy. Unless it’s swimming. Instead one becomes a gym rat. Endless miles on the treadmill, listening to my mp3 player. My gym insists on it being 80 inside. Really? WFT? I’m paying $26 a month, can we have 77 at least? And they wonder why they had to stick a locked box around the controls.

There are a ton of good things about summer. Half of Tucson abandons ship and flees for cooler climates. Watermelon, fruits and veggies round into season, lots of sunlight. Love Mr. Sunshine, but I’m anti global warming. Mt. Lemmon, especially the higher areas. Super awesome in the summer, actually super awesome year round but especially in the summer.

If Tucson was 10 degrees cooler in the summer San Diego would visit us.

Cooking With Fat

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I’ve discovered why the country is getting fatter. Cooking shows. Yes, cooking shows. When I was a kid Julia Rogers or Roberts or something with an R and some fat dude, Dom I think, were it. Two cooking shows. Total. On all of television, which was only four channels back then.

Running on the treadmill today at the gym, there were three cooking shows on at once. Out of 6 televisions, 4 had cooking shows. I was almost glad to have the College Baseball World Series on the other two tvs. Almost, because lets face it, baseball is a dumb sport. And boring. In my book it falls in with golf as a skill not a sport.

All I saw on the cooking shows was butter, flour, eggs, butter, heavy cream, more butter, frosting, olive oil, butter and candy. And some sort of sandwich. What kind? I really wasn’t paying that much attention. I don’t think I saw a veggie or piece of fruit on any of the shows. Unless you count the sautéed onions or fried peppers.

I’m not a nutrition expert but all that butter can’t be good for you. I think frying your veggies sort of defeats the purpose of eating veggies. I’m not anti-obesity either. I love obesity. It helps pays my bills.

But all these cooking shows can’t help make the country thinner. Maybe I’ll do a Dinner with Brian cooking show. It can be a commercial break really. Dinner at my place isn’t hard. For the most part it consists of beer, yogurt, a piece of fruit and maybe a handful of peanuts to go along with it. Sometimes two or three beers. Simple, easy and fairly tasty all at once.

My New Child

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First off congrats to Tom. He set a new PB at the Switzerland 70.3 the other weekend, almost cracking 5 hr. He also negative split the run while doing most of his running as water running. His NP/AP was 212/194. Congrats to Cory as well who finished 8th in his age group at the Boise 70.3. He moved up six spots in his age group with a negative split run. NP/AP 215/208.

I’m pretty excited. I harvested my first crop this morning. Potatoes. It’s pretty late to be harvesting a winter crop here in southern AZ. Plant late, have an unusually cool and wet spring then reap what you sow. I’m small potatoes.

Now I need to figure out what summer plants I can grow. There are four empty planters on the back porch and I’ve got two more composting.

My new kid arrived this week. Brought it home and now I have no idea what to do. I think every new parent is like that. Lucky for me, my kid comes with four instruction manuals and an informative cd. Not that I’d read or watch those. Like every proud parent, I’m posting pics of my extremely good looking kid. Takes after his Dad if I do say so myself, good looking, not the bike part. Pretty soon though, I’m going to flog my new one, like every good parent should.

2 Words

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Strep Throat. So much fun, yippee! Not. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to take another nap.

Good and Real Bad

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The good news is Rich used the fastest run of the day at the Blalock Lakes Triathlon to run himself into a podium position grabbing 3rd overall. it was pretty tight for the top 4 spots. Only :28 separated 1st from 4th overall. It’s better to have the best run in the field in that situation.

I raced the Deuces Wild Triathlon put on by up in the White Mountains of AZ.

The swim went well, cleared the main pack rather quickly, but couldn’t hold any feet after the first turn. That didn’t stop four others from lining up on my feet for the rest of the swim. Happy to help fellows. Speaking of deuces, that describes the rest of my race. In fact it was so bad, I set a new standard for going slow. My slowest Olympic distance triathlon. Ever. In my life ever. Yet I still won my age group. Utterly amazing.

Best thing was winning a ton of swag from Genuine Innovations. Check out this haul!

1 down

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1 to go, then it’s time to start thinking beat Jeff at Vineman. He’s been talking junk, and I’m a teeny, tiny bit worried…not.

I’m amazing, really, I am. At the Sahuarita Triathlon first I get punched in the eye by someone from a previous wave who was heading off course. Got a small shiner for my efforts there. In the construction zone on the bike, I managed to ride off a 3 ft ledge, caught a good bit of air testing the flight characteristics of my Transition without crashing, then I managed to step on a traffic cone and roll my ankle just after mile 1. My left ankle. The traffic cones were on my right. Wtf? How does that happen? Seriously? How? Wasn’t able to really do much more then hobble on it for about half a mile. It was just before the 2 mile mark before I could really start to run on it. By then there were a few more people ahead of me. Managed to pass the guy in my AG though in the final 2km but it probably cost me 1 spot on the overall.

Spent the rest of the day laying on the couch watching netflix on the xbox and icing my foot. Needless to say training has been slim to none this week, thanks to being clumsy.

I’ve also been sleeping in every morning because I stayed up late partying like a rock star one night. It’s rather evident to me now, rock stars have a very tough life. Especially if they are an early to bed early to rise person like I am. One night of only a few hours of sleep and 3 mornings later, I’m still dragging ass.

Looking forward to heading up to Show Low, AZ this weekend to race the Deuces Wild triathlon. Hoping this week of no training, watching movies and learning that I’m no rock star pays off with a decent result.