Ironman St. George

Ironman St. George. Described as one of the hardest IM’s in the world. It claims to have the hardest Ironman run course. Water temps in the upper 50’s, on the bike it’s uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill then the first lap ends and you get to do it again. The run course offers no shelter, no place to hide your weaknesses. If you’ve ridden above your capabilities even a little, the run course will punish you, spank you like a dominatrix never could. It’s been called by other coaches a destination Ironman not a PR Ironman. I call bull crap on that, except maybe the dominatrix part.

If you are prepared and have put in the training then every course offers you the chance to PR. You’ve already met Cory. He is the one athlete I had racing IMSG. A local fellow at that.

He didn’t listen to all the crap about go, have fun and don’t worry about your time. He wore some pink compression socks (I can’t coach and be a fashion consultant to everyone it seems), had over a hundred family and friends lining the course. Put some pressure on himself to have a great race. You know what he did? He went out took all the pressure and kicked it’s ass. Set a PB. By 50 minutes. On a destination IM course. You know what else he did? He closed the race with an IM run PB. So much for going to check out the scenery. Better to throttle the course then have it throttle you.

3 Responses to “Ironman St. George”

  1. Great Job Cory!!!!!
    Brian, I would have figured the pink compression socks were your fashion advice.


  2. Yep me too…with the pinks on the calves/feets. 🙂

    I know, you’re a genius.

    Cory awesome dude!

  3. Kick ass Cory!

    I’ll have to wear my pink Zensa’s for my next race, sounds like they work.

    Wait a sec, I’m seeing a pattern with Brian’s athletes. Maybe that’s the newest A3 uniform, pink compression socks!

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