Big Decision…

Woke up at 5:16 to go ride. My eyes were gooped up, my nose was boogered over, my breathing was ragged and wheezy. I think I got hit by allergies. I’ve been taking Claritin 10mg QD and/or BID depending upon the day to prevent allergies, but Claritin is such a weak antihistamine combined with a horrible season. I think it just overpowered the antihistamine. A puff on my Xopenex inhaler, a few good blows of the nose and I’m feeling somewhat better. Stuffy still but at least my breathing isn’t wheezy. Time to go the the pharmacy and grab some Zyrtec.

But the big decision arose when I opened the fridge. My milk supply is low. Very low. What to do? After fretting for about :06 seconds, I chose to use the milk for my morning cups of tea and I’ll go to Paco’s for a #2 breakfast burrito and a medium Pepsi. I love the yummy goodness that the bacon, egg, cheese and potato breakfast burrito is. Drip some red sauce on it before every bite = Super Delicious. It deserves a capital letter because it’s that freaking good.

Then I started to feel bad for you 10 readers that live elsewhere besides along the Mexican border. You just can’t find tasty goodness like the #2 breakfast burrito in say ND, or Ontario or Walla Walla. I feel bad for you guys, missing out on the wholesome goodness of Paco’s. I’ve had burritos from several places in CA, other places in Tucson, Phoenix and even Yuma. None of them can hold a candle to Paco’s. So why you suckers are eating cereal, or your English muffin with peanut butter on it, or trying to choke down some high fiber wheat cereal, I’ll be sipping a Pepsi and munching on the tastiest breakfast burrito this side of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy…if you can.

4 Responses to “Big Decision…”

  1. Just make sure you take some Pepcid with you and maybe some Pepto to, blech! I think you just might need it. Oh, and also remember, no Paco’s in MA. Just saying…… 😉

  2. Bitch, the breakfast tacos in Austin but any breakfast burrito to shame!

  3. Filiberto’s is my breakfast burrito of choice.

    Yeah, not having good Mexican food available would be a real tragedy.


  4. I’ll contest the walla walla statement. You know what’s in walla walla. Apple farms, HEAPS of apple farms and do you know who picks those apples? Not white dudes, heeeeeeell no. I’ve been to a mex joint in tonasket (few miles short of the canuckian border) where nothing spoken or written was in english and the food rivaled Austin-Mexican.

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