Where did all the time go?

Whew, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. It’s been crazy, lots of travel, lots of seeing friends, family, lots of thinking, lots of work and some possible change in the works.

I went to Iron Gear Sports up in Mesa, AZ to get fitted on the Specialized Transition by Kevin Risenborough. I thought I was 95% there on the fit by wanted a second opinion by an expert fitter. Kevin slid me forward 1 degree to 80degrees and wedged my right shoe.

The next day he, Jeff, Tim and I went out for a little 4 hour bike ride. All systems go and my right glut was feeling awesome versus being tight after a ride that long.

Then a few days later I boarded a plane for Atlanta. We had a meeting to get our new CRM software and computers. All I can say is wtf was up with the 7:30a-9:30pm work day? Seriously? The computers and our CRM rock though. It’s a BIG improvement over what we had.

No way would I want to live in the middle of Atlanta. I thought Tucson had a lot of homeless. My friend and I went running through downtown Atlanta. It was like running the steeple chase. Every 200-300m we were hurdling over a homeless person. There were so many we actually ran in the streets, cars be damned. There is just no where to run in the middle of downtown Atlanta. We ran to the Olympic Park, which everyone said was a great place to run. It seems people there don’t have high expectations for running if that is a primo running spot. We finally said f*ck it, went back to the hotel and hit the treadmills.

Airlines are ridiculous. It was actually less expensive for me to fly from ATL-GSO spend a few days with the parents and grandparents and then fly GSO-ATL-TUS then it would have been for me to fly directly home from the meeting. It seems that if you fly me more miles it should cost more, not less. No wonder the airlines can’t make money. What dumb ass prices tickets so that the more you fly the less total price you pay? No wonder they can’t make a profit. Best of all because the price to GSO and back to TUS was less then my ticket to Atlanta, my company covered the cost of me to fly to see my parents. I get to see my parents, grandparents and a friend, the company gets to save money. It’s a win-win-lose. The loser being Delta.

First thing Friday, I hit the trails for a run. I love running on these trails. The rolling terrain, the zigging and zagging back n forth, the dirt trails oh so soft. It’s running bliss. Through the woods around the lake and nary another person to be seen. Later that weekend I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in ~15 years and we hit the trails at Salem Lake. Nice rolling trail with mile markers. 3 days of running all on trails and close to 30 miles total while I was there.

But back to the change. Met with my boss today and talked more about going into the home office. That would be a radical change. I’ve never really had an office job. I’ve had 2 jobs with offices but I rarely used them. Kind of hard when you are in outside sales to make any money sitting in the office. But during that conversation, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get one of my clients more running volume into his very time limited schedule. Something my boss said about being in a different box if I go into the home office turned on the light bulb for this clients schedule. I figure now is a great time to make that move back across the country if everything is right. Real estate prices are down, I don’t own, there is a relo package. It could be an exciting change. We’ll see how the conversations progress as I start down the path exploring the options that could lay before me. Tune in later to see if I have to move!

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